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  1. Fantastic information, we can now relax and look forward to our trip - thanks Aussiechick7.
  2. Hello - I’m on Spirit in February cruising from HK to Singapore and I have a query on visas that I wonder if anyone can offer advice. Do SS manage visas like most of the mega ships do? As a UK citizen, I can get a 15 day visa waiver for Vietnam. However, does this waiver cover me for several days of entry to the country as we sail down the coast line? We don’t enter any other country during this part of the trip but we are at sea for 1 day between Chan May and Ho Chi Minh City.
  3. 4 big (emphasis on BIG) ships was interesting in this port. Sooooo many people in a town that really isn’t big enough to deal with them sympathetically. I’m sure it’s great for the local economy but, for me, it was just too crowded to enjoy exploring the place. We went to the lumberjack show - yes, typical tourist trap but it was well produced and you had to admire the skill on show from these athletes at the top of their profession. We then took a turn around town but quite quickly found overselves craving the peace of our floating home and got the tender boat back for late lunch. Delicious Black Forest gateaux in the Arts cafe this afternoon - highly recommended.
  4. We are now just leaving Wrangell and en route to Ketchikan. Nice day for weather, no rain and warm-ish for an amble around a quaint town. Local children were selling stones on the quayside - it seems that only the children can dig for these stones in the area without a permit. We took a look in the museum ($7 pp entry) which was very interesting and we also had a tour of the gift shops and stores. Some lovely gardens, plants and wall murals to appreciate in the very near few streets. Otherwise, ours was a lazy day - which are often the best.
  5. What a difference a day makes.......from cloud, mist, rain and zero visibility at Hubbard yesterday to glorious sun, blue skies and people swimming in the pool in Sitka today. We had a great day, did DIY tour of the raptor centre (highly recommended) and a walk around the park with totem poles and got some glorious photos of our floating home.
  6. 48 hours until we are on the way to join you! How’s the weather out there?
  7. We did Rocky Mountaineer Gold a few years ago - it’s a truly breathtaking trip and I’m sure you will enjoy every moment. Just be aware of ‘train legs’ when you get off, we found it had more of an effect on us than being onboard a ship!
  8. We were only ever given the coach option and I did check that directly with SS so I’m guessing your TA is giving you the correct info. What time were you told to be at the hotel to check in with SS rep?
  9. Hi all, Countdown to our Alaska trip is getting closer *excited* 😀 I’m wondering what is the best way to ask SS if they stock particular drink brands? We’re very fond of a specific Australian ale and wondered if they might have it on board. Should I just mail SS direct or is there a ‘contact us’ on MySilversea pages that I’ve missed?
  10. Yes, it’s the Captain Cook Hotel. Fully understand the need for a back-up plan, I’m a nervous wreck until I actually get on-board!
  11. Thanks Unibok. It seems SS are using multiple transport options as I had documentation through yesterday confirming our transfers by coach and saying to check in with the SS rep at the Anchorage hotel in the morning. I’m sure it’ll all become clear once we get there.
  12. Thanks for the responses and the welcome to a first time poster (long time lurker). I confirmed with SS today that the transfer is included. Apparently, they organise coaches from Anchorage to Seward. Looking forward to meeting anyone travelling on 27th May.
  13. We’re travelling to Alaska and flying out a few days early to do an independent tour of the Anchorage area before we join Muse. Does Silversea include a transfer to Seward on the first cruise day, if you have not booked flights with them, or would we need to book this independently? Thanks for any info.
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