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  1. It’s just a bloody flu, a little more contagious with slightly higher mortality.... there is no real Need for specialized facilities... in Switzerland there was a first confirmed case and neither the government nor the people went crazy and panicking. Carnaval wit 100’000 s of visitors are still being held, boarders are open to Italy .... just quit panicking.... btw, I am a medical professional, managing my own clinic... keep calm and go on living, keep calm and Cruise.....
  2. Does anyone know who is at the moment on Divina? Jeetoo? Jacques? Jeannot? .........? Maybe Michele? People to us are way more important than the actual “facilities” that’s why I am so curious.... They are the real software that makes YC stand apart....
  3. Thank u 4 the reply, still I am unhappy he’s gone....
  4. Hi everyone... since we’re sailing in less than two weeks I was wondering if anyone knew which butlers are on duty at the moment on Divina... especially if Franco is still on (excellent from A to Z).
  5. Forgot the screenshot, that’s why the order changed...
  6. No they (beach cabanas) are gone from the bookable list..... (as seen on the already booked list)
  7. Hey 2all.... we will be on the February 28th sailing of Divina and I have a YC waterfront cabana reserved, So I just went to check now if there were any more cabanas free and all of the waterfront ones are gone... so somebody must be renting them, me aside...
  8. Hi there......we were on Divina in October in the med, will be on the 28th of February again.... our initial butler was Jeannot, asked after the first day though to change after some problems and got Franco who was marvelous... Jacques was the butler of some friends and they also were more than happy with him... if u are not happy, ASK to change, its your holiday and u should always enjoy it... the YC director just came onboard 2 days before debarking But he appeared fun and at the same time professional and competent.... the crew was the major argument for booking again on Divina
  9. Thx to your reply I changed the reservation to beachfront...... thank u so much.
  10. Good morning to you.... and thank you so much for the photo... did u notice maybe the difference between beach cabanas and view of the beach cabanas? 399 vs 499? greetings from really cold Switzerland.....
  11. 82days until our Cruise with Divina... wondering if the YC cabanas will be ready by then... u got any info on that?
  12. Hi there, all drinks up to 12 usd or eur are included anywhere on the ship, ie sake in galaxy or water and wine (per glass) is included. No need for any drink upgrades... Enjoy and cheers....
  13. Sorry for the gross mistyping in my first post..... autocorrect... on formal nights I loved dressing up, especially in YC. There I would say 80% of the guests were following the dress code proposed each day... still, flying in from Europe, I don’t know if I want to bring a suit or a tux to the Caribbean sailing in February... what are your experiences there?
  14. We just returned from a fabulous 7 night eastern med cruise on Divina, it was so good we’re booked in 142 days on a 11 night Carib cruise.... we received excellent service from our butler and he was almost offended when in the second night we did not ask him to accompany us to Le Muse... back to topic: we did tip both the butler and the steward who both made an excellent job... also gave them each a tiny gift.....
  15. You, the Forum, Jeep Amazons me... I was just about to start a topic called Divina Caribbean, but...no need now... We just returned Saturday from a 7 night cruise on Divina, my review is pending approval... anyway, i booked on the ship a 11 night Caribbean cruise departing Miami on February 28th...YC..... My questions are more Caribbean than Divina related, but the one thong i can say is that about 60% did dress formally or in general according to the theme, except for white night... Suit and tie will do for me smoking is not really required.
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