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  1. Yea I changed my bids so I wont feel like I should get one. I'm on 12 mid cabin balcony by the elevator. And if I do itll be a last min surprise
  2. Thank you everyone! Now can I delete my question if I'm satisfied?
  3. Yea sounds fustrating Thank you
  4. Huh Yea I know they gave out some already that's pretty good, just to get a hi Fair or Good on the meter was about 1000 each by the time I bid. Maybe I bid to much lol I made 4 bids, Fwd, Aft, Spa and courtyard with balcony. But I faked booked and it came to 9k for the rear facing, so for me 5500 if I get that one. I actually bid more than my cruise which was 2300 If I got FWD or a Rear facing Penthouse I would still be happy there's always someone getting a better deal Heck I might not want to leave the room and just enjoy the cruise. Thanks for your input maybe I'll lower my spa bid although it was about the same price when I checked as the FWD facing Penthouse. Go with gut and leave it alone, it's my Bday 🙂
  5. Thanks I'm sorta doing the same thing but going for the haven. Poor seems like a insult Fair maybe? I started at fair then went to good in the middle then up just a little for a better chance. I figure strong and excellent is almost a given. Might be my first and last so if I get a 9k cruise for 5700 I'd be happy till the Bill's comes lol Good luck
  6. Has anyone been upgraded to the Haven with a Poor Bid? How about a Fair Bid? How about a Good bid were you low or high on the meter if your bid was accepted? Anyone that's bid please tell me your story! Thank you, Rick
  7. Do you really think they will upgrade you with a poor or fair chance Bid? I'm just wondering the chances
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