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  1. I feel like I'm seeing a nice space but needing a little makeover with modern more wild style - NEW SUMMIT I LOVE IT! Next time, I'm going to try and go with one of the older ships. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Seriously, next time I'm doing a 7 night back 2 back. Because YES so much was amazing with the technology and despite the naysaysers - Eden just sort of a hidden in plain sight!
  3. I'm so glad more people have an open mind since Dec. On the ship we enjoyed the dinner show twice. Just more of an adult area at night and relaxing space on the cruise during the day. Hopefully that will clear up how things have improved and help.
  4. Every state room passenger THERE since then has had a normal experience as there have been many sailings since these holiday times, so people get to hear about OUR overall experience TOO. I don't think the Edge ever goes out much less than fully sold out despite the naysayers but it definitely seems less crowded in Eden over the Martini Bar!
  5. If we had a longer cruise than 7 nights, I would totally have taken more photos! It was just so short and there was so much we wanted to enjoy and my phone has a low battery. We could have got a new phone that didn't need to be on the charger but we were like you know what? We paid for all this greatness and we had a gorgeous suite so let's just stay I everything in the moment! I can’t believe you didn’t see any. Next time??
  6. Seriously? I was annoyed when I went back that no one had set the record straight. I really want people to be interested to try and not just one of the smaller ships!
  7. I just found that out and my friend was so mad we didn’t have that! Although to be fair we really didn’t NEED any more treats.
  8. Edge was seriously the best! MUCH better than what we almost chose years ago, the Norwegian Dawn!! I loved just sitting on our veranda, seriously. Whales and Dalphins are just gorgeous and so soul-giving!!
  9. Seriously when can we admit this never happened again?? Yes, they gave it a try - people didn't like it so they're wonderful to listen!
  10. Not crazy at all! Super fun that X made this level too!!
  11. Seriously I am quite annoyed. When we got back onboard each day no one was walking around rocking the ship.
  12. I will pass along some advice at least others will appreciate! Yeah people getting more and more comfortable using the pool as their personal toilet isn't right . There were a few times we smelled something but it was VERY FEW and I was impressed by that compared to what you read here. STOP peeing and the pool and flush quickly and that will SOLVE the problem!! You are so welcome.
  13. I’m having so much fun reliving it and new reviews say people are doing better!! We ended up in Eden two more times after wet got on the ship and loved it there. Hidden gem for sure!
  14. Happy wife, happy life!! Smart men, our husbands. BUT sometimes we're smarter!! 🤣😍😍😍
  15. Thank you! And I'm so glad I could come along for the (SUPPOSEDLY tasteless) ride!
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