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  1. Any thoughts on Hotel Artemide?
  2. I spoke to my TA about 10 days ago and then got an email changing my final payment date to April 9. You don't think that's taking advantage of the offer? I think I could probably fight it, but at this point I just want to cancel. Hold times are crazy though!
  3. They changed the terms (not sure why you say I didn't "meet" them) and then changed them back with no notice. Thank goodness for this forum or I would not have known. Now I also understand that my deposit that I've always understood to be fully refundable is now going to be a FCC? I might dispute that with my credit card company.
  4. So let me get this straight. I am scheduled to cruise in July. So I thought my final payment date changed to 90 days before sailing instead of the normal 120 days but now if I'm understanding this correctly they have reneged on these terms and final payment is back to 120????? Just checked my "big box" TA account and it looks like they will now take final payment on 3/10 instead of the changed 4/9. But they didn't notify me of the change? I guess I will call them and cancel ASAP! I don't want a FCC! Can someone please let me know if this understanding is correct before I waste hours on
  5. Loved my duck fart at Red Dog. I think if you are there when they open you will have enough time. It's an easy walk.
  6. Love your detail and writing style. Can't wait to read the rest! I'm on the Epic (Med) this summer. Thanks for the report!
  7. I've gotten 5 price adjustments since I booked in September. I went through a "big box" TA. Sometimes it's a quick phone call and sometimes it's not. Just depends on how busy they are at the moment. Good luck.
  8. Not sure what you are asking. How can someone else clarify your itinerary? All ship's itineraries are different.
  9. Thanks for all the info, Roger. I think we are just going to do a beach day in Palma since we are only in port from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Do you recommend one of the beach clubs over the others for a family with 2 older teen boys? Thanks!
  10. Just looking at cruisemapper. The Getaway is in Cozumel.
  11. What time is the earliest embarkation time in Rome? I can't find it listed in my cruise planner. Thanks!
  12. We were on Independence two years ago and debarked on Thanksgiving Day and the tree was up and decorated before we left. Other decorations were going up.
  13. We just booked 9098. Any issue with noise near the elevators/stairs? Thanks!
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