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  1. So my question is if and when a vaccine is developed and required for cruising what happens to people who can not get it because of allergies? I can not get the shingles vaccine because of a serious allergy to one of the main ingredients Are they going to ban me from ever cruising again?.
  2. Mt. Denali at 36,000 feet on the way to Barrow. 8-1-16 Mt. Denali (6)
  3. I was on the 4-4 sailing on the Sky and took my choice of option one, called at 4:00 pm Thursday afternoon did not have any wait time and rebooked for 11-28 on the Enchanted. Stewart that helped me said that Princess cancels the EZ-Air and then he rebooked my flights for even less money. I received an email about the canceled flights before I even hung up the phone. So when you call just double check with the person helping you.
  4. I recommend you start calling two minutes before the lines open. I did this Sunday morning and only waited about ten minutes. Also the service rep will be fresh and thinking more clearly since they have not been on the phone for a long time. I got all of my questions answered and even got some extra advice.
  5. AMEN! So happy to see a professional say what I have been saying to people all along. Thank you for the honest opinion.
  6. Can anyone tell me how they liked the mini suite on Baja 415 on the Sky, we have booked this for our April cruise and I have not seen any pictures or reviews. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures and info on your cruises. My number one bucket list item is to visit Antarctica.
  8. Thank you so much for the best laugh I have had all week. But you have made me think about something that never crossed my mind.
  9. I agree I have a shellfish and pepper allergy. It is very difficult to find some place special to eat because of the pepper allergy. What makes it worse is that it is all peppers not just the hot and spicy ones.
  10. When we went to Alaska we got 55 pictures plus the usb and did not hit all of the photo ops. Well worth the price, will be getting the package again on the Sky in 2020 with my sister.
  11. 🤣Just when I needed a good laugh, thank you!
  12. Did this in 2016 we loved it. Did the land first and actually had a bear walk up to a vehicle and get up on his hind legs in Denali. Was a great photo as well as the rest of the trip. We went up early and flew into Barrow, got the ultimate best pictures of Mt. Denali, 36,000 feet in the air. The top was above the clouds actually put the picture on canvas when we got home. Enjoyed every bit of the three weeks even if we only had two days of sunshine, the rest was all rain. But the rain did cut down on foot traffic which meant easier sightseeing. Would do it again without even thinking twice.
  13. Is it not better to lose with self respect than to win by cheating? We should all just be proud of the correct answers we give and learn from our mistakes. All of us that do not cheat will sleep better at night than the ones who win by cheating.
  14. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being of Scottish decent (Douglass) I love seeing a gentleman in his Kilt. Never worry about being over dressed always wear with pride. Enjoy your cruise.
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