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  1. We got that notification for our Zuiderdam cruise next Saturday.
  2. After more than 20 cruises, we came to the same conclusion about cruising as you did. We tried HAL two years ago and were very pleased. We're doing our third cruise next month to the Carribbean and have another planned to Hawaii in September. I think you'll enjoy the HAL brand. Have a great cruise. Alaska is amazing!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post. We'll be on Zuiderdam on February 8th doing the same itinerary as you. We're looking forward to getting away for a nice quiet week. We'll be eagerly following your posts. Have a great cruise!
  4. Happy New Year! Thanks for your daily report! It's very much appreciated!
  5. Loved your blog and especially the photos! Thanks for sharing! We're on Zuiderdam in February! Can't wait!
  6. We're on Zuiderdam in February. Enjoying your review and especially the photos! Thanks for taking the time! Have fun!
  7. Please add my cruises to your list. February 8-15, 2020 7-day Tropical Caribbean on Zuiderdam September 20-October 7, 2020 17-day Circle Hawaii on Westerdam Thank you!
  8. We are elite+ with Celebrity and have done two cruises on HAL with a third and fourth booked next year. This is my opinion only, but I think the food and service on Celebrity has gone way downhill from when we started cruising with them in the 1990's. I realize this might be true of HAL also. But when we did our first cruise with them a year ago, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and very pleased with the service. I also like the variety of dishes in the MDR on HAL. I enjoy the buffet food on HAL more than Celebrity. As I said, this is just my opinion and part of the reason we're cruising HAL now. Eventually, we'll probably try another cruise with Celebrity. But for now, HAL is doing very well for us.
  9. I spoke to an agent with Travel Guard and she told me you can insure your trip up until the day you leave. The 15 day period is for pre-existing conditions. I agree, call Insure My Trip and speak to someone. That's what I did.
  10. Only one more departure from Ft. Lauderdale before we're on board! It will be our first time on Zuiderdam. Getting excited!
  11. I also miss his report. It was the first thing I looked at each morning when I turned on my computer. Carol
  12. We have just recently started cruising with Holland America. I enjoy checking the boards every morning to see your report. Thank you very much for posting every day! I love your graphics and all the extras you added to make it even more interesting. I'm going to miss this. I hope you have a very happy new year and enjoy 2019!
  13. Merry Christmas! Thank you for posting during your cruise. We'll be on Zuiderdam 11 day cruise in February! Can't wait! Have a wonderful cruise! Carol
  14. What a shame! That's the first thing I read every morning. Thank you for posting it every day. I will miss it!
  15. Where does Zuiderdam dock in Curacao? Carol
  16. Thank you for your review! We sail Zuiderdam for the first time in February. Carol
  17. My thoughts exactly. Having that much room, I would think they could put a larger table to have breakfast on the balcony. Carol
  18. Yes, we miss the newspapers. We were very surprised when we found out on our Bermuda cruise they stopped printing them. Just another down grade. :(
  19. I think you made the correct choice. We were just in 6136 on Summit two weeks ago and have previously been in aft cabins many times on M-class ships. We prefer the afts. We only booked 6136 because there were no afts available. The balcony was large in 6136 but I like the wake and the view when leaving a port in the aft cabins. We had no problems with noise from the connecting neighbors in 6136, but we did hear noise from the steward's work room across the hall early in the morning a few times. As I said, I think you made the better choice. Enjoy your cruise! Carol
  20. We just got off Summit on Sunday and on Saturday they had a whole roast pig, roast turkey, mussels and the beautiful desserts. Very nice! Carol
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