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  1. Hi all - I just returned from an RCL cruise with a genie, and we were extremely underwhelmed to say the least. I’ve been debating discussing this with RCL as we paid a significant premium for the upgrade. From reading these boards, we got almost nothing similar to what I’ve seen as discussed. But, I want to make sure I’m not crazy. Saw the genie for about 4 mins on the first day, never asked what we or our children wants to do. This was a continual theme throughout the cruise. We continually had to refer to the cruise compass and suggest activities that might be of interest to us. Never informed us of the sail away party Forgot about a requested birthday celebration for my husband Genie was constantly confused by the schedule, double booking us when we requested something On the 2nd day we inquired about breakfast (since it seems like most genies coordinate delivery. Told us that’s it’s really easy to order off the TV in room. And I don’t what to sound like a spoiled jerk, but never once offered the morning Starbucks delivery (we only found out it was free because we went there ourselves and weren’t charged) I could go on and on, but essentially it was nothing special. We planned the entire cruise for ourselves. Not one special activity or outing. I only found out about some by asking other families with genies what sort of stuff they were doing. Looking back, the genie planned dinners for us (and even gave us a hard time when we wanted to change...his preset agenda took none of our requests into account) needless to say we were extremely disappointed, and I’m very disappointed I paid a premium for it. Am I crazy here or not? I’d like to discuss it further with RCL.
  2. Anyone know anything about Alan R on the Allure? We leave this weekend and he is our assigned Genie. So far communication has been great, so I am hoping this is a sign of things to come.
  3. Hi All - leaving for a week on the Allure of the Seas this weekend, first time cruising in about 20 years and very excited. Two questions I have that I am hoping someone here can answer for me: 1. Our royal genie is Alan R, anyone have him before? 2. Our timing is tight on the last day, trying to catch a 9 am flight back to Chicago. Does anyone have experience with Uber and Lyft when you disembark? Are the cars right there and ready available? Thanks in advance, the info on these boards have been fantastic and I feel like we are ready to cruise!
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