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  1. We absolutely LOVED it! It was our favorite thing we have ever done. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. We hiked on the glacier and then explored an ice cave underneath. It was breathtaking! The company was amazing in making sure everyone was back in time for our all aboard times.
  2. Actually the email said there was a change to our upcoming reservation. We also received the email saying documents were ready prior to getting an assignment
  3. We just received ours for our upcoming cruise. It was 9 days out when it appeared on my luggage tags. The email saying documents were ready came two days later.
  4. Hi! I have asked a bunch of questions recently and I always appreciate everyone’s advice! This is our first time to cruise HAL and our first cruise in general in many years. How does the casino work for black jack tables? Do we need to bring cash? Or do we use our card and it’s charges to our account? We leave in 4 days and I keep thinking of all the random things we may need 🤪 does anyone know the minimum bet for the tables? We aren’t huge gamblers but we do enjoy blackjack if the minimum bet isnt very much.
  5. Has anyone done the Canoe paddle and trek through Above and beyond Alaska? We booked this excursion but the time frame has us cutting it really close to our all aboard time which makes me nervous. They have wonderful reviews but I was curious if anyone here has any insight? Thanks!
  6. I’m so excited to follow along with your post! We board the Eurodam on Saturday in Seattle for a week in Alaska! Im a little confused by the repairs though, will this delay our embarkation or will they be caught back up by the time we board on the 4th?
  7. We originally booked a VB category stateroom but I called several weeks ago because the price of our cruise dropped and I was hoping to get an adjustment. My fare was non refundable but they offered a complimentary upgrade to a SZ guarantee so I took it. We got our room assignment this morning and we are in SS6089! We are sailing on the Eurodam in 9 says to Alaska. Has anyone stayed in this room? Pics? Reviews? I’m just happy to finally have a room number. 🤪
  8. Thank you! We are so excited, this is our first trip without our kids. It’s been nearly 10 years! So to say we are excited is an understatement. We sure love our kids but can’t wait for a break 🥳🥳🥳
  9. Just checked my tags and still no assignment but I will keep checking there!
  10. Is it sent via email or will I just have to keep checking my booking?
  11. Only 12 days until departure and I still don’t have my guarantee room number. I know it can come at any time or we may get it at the pier but I have checked my booking so many time that I’m going crazy. Lol! Our cruise still has quite a bit of availability. I’m wondering if this could affect when guarantees are assigned? Maybe they wait until the last minute in hopes that they sell more cabins? Any thoughts? I know there is no way of really knowing but I’m so curious of other experiences.
  12. Is there any difference in the SY’s compared to the other two?
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