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  1. Too much? For me, much too little, lol. Unfortunately, I'm a chronic overpacker! You also need a swimsuit with a coverup(believe me you'll be sorry if you don't bring it). Also more clothes for evening. Maybe a black skirt with a couple of interchangeable tops?
  2. There are some great videos on You Tube! Just search, "What to wear on an Alaskan cruise".
  3. Hi don't use real name! You've obviously done this before! 🙂 Below is what I received from the jeep tours...does it seem worthwhile without Canada to you? es, the DIY Jeep Tour in Skagway is open and operating this year while the cruise ships are here. The trip is altered slightly but still amazing. You will go up the Klondike Highway but you will turn around at the Welcome to Alaska sign at the top of the White Pass Summit; We have added a side trip out to the Dyea Tidal Flats and the Chilkoot Trailhead as a some extra stops so you have an action packed day with th
  4. This DIY tour has been highly recommended on CC. We are going to go with it.. https://www.diyjeeptours.com I have been in contact with the owner and they have a great alternative route that of course doesn't include Canada.
  5. First time Alaska cruiser here. Is docking information important? Why would we want to know that?
  6. I didn't think about the taxes, hmmmm. I'm debating the whole beverage package altogether. This is our first Alaska cruise. Normally on a Caribbean cruise we would definitely get it but I just don't see this as that much of a boozy cruise for us, lol. I don't see us sitting by the pool all day with big tropical drinks like normal. Have to think on that one...
  7. Can you give any advice on what to do in Sitka? They don't have any shore excursions up on the site to get an idea.....
  8. I had to move my Aug 6th(just missed the cut off) to Aug 20th in order to sail this year. I spoke with a lovely rep located in Oregon. We spent time selecting a room together. She said they were aiming at about 60% capacity.
  9. Wonderful!!! Seriously how often to you get to cruise on a beautiful ship under capacity! It's called good will and supporting Alaska.
  10. So they've changed the calendar for my cruise! Victoria is out and Sitka is in. Looking good!
  11. The Ovation is in Singapore... just a hop, skip and a jump, lol
  12. Guys, I'm so damn excited!!! We lifted and shifted from last year, it was supposed be our honeymoon. I've been sitting on our Aug 6th Ovation cruise thinking that we would take the FCC and rebook next year 😞 Now with the news, that we could possibly go, it has me thrilled and yet freaking out!! Should i book flights? Should i actually book excursions, because the itinerary will probably change without Canada? And the most super important question, should I buy the beverage package, lol!!
  13. That's what we were thinking. Maybe there would be a few ships and a couple of sailing just to show support for Alaska.
  14. Can someone tell me about a name change due to marriage? My FCC is from 2020 is in my former name.
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