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  1. This was a helpful reply. Thank you! 🙂
  2. No ma'm, not going to do anything unethical. I think I was just more shocked by it than anything else. Have sailed on other lines and never thought about it. Especially since they allow you to bring your own on.
  3. No need to yell at me. I am only asking a question. 😉
  4. So, when I was on the phone with a rep at Celebrity, she mentioned buying 1 drink package and taking turns getting a drink...as long as it is the person who bought the package getting it. Do people actually do this? To me this seems unethical. Albeit the prices are ridiculous and they are making a killing off of the non-alcoholic drink packages, but it seems shady and weird that the rep mentioned that to me???
  5. We were given "Anytime dining". We sail in 19 days, so it is too late to change anything. Can somebody please tell me how this works? I have done this on Carnival, but I dont know if it is the same. I have tried researching for myself on their website on 3 different computers, 1 iPad and 1 cellphone and their website is horrible. A bunch of dead links and pages that just sit. This is even after clearing cookies.
  6. We have never sailed Celebrity before. We are taking our first cruise with them on the Summit in 18 days. (April 13th) Thanks for the thread.
  7. Outside of Disney, we have seen more kids on Carnival than any other cruise line. The RCC we took was like a retirement cruise. A bunch of retired people and elderly with walkers. Not what we expected at all. Many of them were complaining about the number of kids on board. There was like 10, seriously. LOL
  8. I saw that yesterday, along with some excursions and internet packages.Considering the mark-up on these packages, you would think they could afford to put sodas and water on sale. 😀
  9. Do drink packages ever go on sale before your cruise or possibly after you get on the ship?
  10. We take our own straws with us everywhere and just make sure they are in the garbage when we are done with them.
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