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  1. I believe if you book thru an agent, they will need to take care of any major changes to your booking, such as price reductions, but you can contact NCL directly regarding excursion, dining and other onboard questions. My agent got me a better deal when a new offer showed up on the website, but I have contacted NCL directly to make a change to one of my dining reservations when I mistakenly booked the wrong night.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. The book is almost 700 pages. Not sure I have the time to put into that. I found a 2 hour documentary on YouTube. Looks like something that originally would have aired on a PBS station. I think I'll watch that first with my husband. Hopefully it will give us a good preview.
  3. Thanks all. Yes Turtles06, your comment is what prompted my question. I'm not really a serious stargazer. Can't identify anything even when it's pointed out to me. I just like looking at them.
  4. Disappointing, but pretty much what I expected. 🙁
  5. Responses to my recent question about info on the Panama Canal brought another question to mind. How is the stargazing when you're out in the middle of the sea? Is it amazing or do the lights from the ship obscure the night sky?
  6. I’ve checked my local library but it’s not available. Even if the was it sounds like something I might want to take my time reading. I’ll call some of the local used book stores.
  7. Thanks for the book recommendation. I will check it out. I agree that knowing the history will make the experience more enjoyable.
  8. Do they usually have a seminar or info presentation about the Panama Canal on the ship prior to our getting there?
  9. Not sure you can do much about coming in a day early now since your tickets have already been issued, but it might be worth asking. I believe it is a $25 air deviation fee to come in up to two days early. Then you would be responsible for your own transfer and hotel arrangements. If you have not already booked airport to pier transfers directly with NCL, you should. Then they are responsible for getting you to the ship. One our very first cruise on Carnival about 20 years ago, we had delays on our flights. Had we not had our transfers booked with the cruise line, we definitely would have missed the ship. Their representative met us, helped make the claim for our luggage which did not make it, and got us to the ship about 30 minutes before sailaway. the Rep was on the phone with the ship the entire time keeping them updated on where we were. I have no first hand experience with NCL in this situation, but I would hope they would handle it similarly.
  10. You could find a someplace with free WiFi when you're in port to check your email. I'm hoping I can make my 250 minutes stretch my full 12 days doing that. It'll be a challenge.
  11. Obviously I would not do this intentionally, but if I don't show up for a dining reservation without cancelling, is it still deducted from my dining package? I made a 6:15 dinner reservation for our day in Curacao, but just realized that we are in port until 8:00 pm that day. What happens if I'm having fun in port and aren't ready to head back to the ship in time for my dinner reservation?
  12. Today was exactly 120 days for my Feb 2020 cruise and when I logged in this morning, I was able to book dining and show reservations when it was not available yesterday.
  13. Will the restaurants wrap up food for me to take back to my room? I'm thinking mainly like a dessert that I'm not hungry for right away. Not like a doggie bag of my uneaten meal. Also, can I request a to-go container at the buffet or order a take-out meal at the sports bar?
  14. It's been several years since we did the Mendanhall and salmon bake excursion on Holland America so hopefully my memories are correct. I assume NCL's excursion would be similar. I think it was about a 1 mile walk from the visitor center to the best viewing area at the base of the glacier. We're pretty fast walkers, so we got there pretty quickly, but I wish we would have been able to spend more time there. It is so amazing. The whale watching and salmon bake was also very nice. Saw whales more close up than on some of my Hawaii excursions. Again, if I remember correctly, the salmon bake was on an island after the whale watch. After dinner it was a very nice area to hang out. Very peaceful. FYI - the salmon is not "baked". It was grilled over a wood fire, so it has a smoky taste. Not uncommon when cooking for a group, the fish was a bit overdone for my taste, but not extremely. If you want yours a bit more to the rare side, like my husband does, you might be able to ask the chef directly. They offered coffee and maybe lemonade, but I think they also had a small cash bar. On a scale of 1-5, it was a 5. Also echo doing the tram up the mountain. Fabulous !! There are many trails at the top to wander around overlooking the town and ships. We had booked the afternoon trip to the glacier, so we spent the morning up there. Juneau was by far our favorite port of the entire cruise.
  15. If you don’t have the excursion credit, your credit card is charged when you book, but you have up to 48 hours before that port to cancel or change to a different excursion. We have five excursions booked for our February 2020 Panama cruise. Once those were confirmed, all the other excursions that would overlap the times of what we already booked disappeared from our queue the NCL app. So, I periodically check the shore excursions tab on the general website, without logging in to my account, to see if anything new has been added for those ports that we might enjoy more.
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