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  1. Call the shore excursion desk directly. On the NCL website, go to the bottom. Find the contact us link and then the shore excursion number. After I have booked and paid for my excursions for our Panama cruise last February, I ended up making an adjustment on my overall booking to get the shore excursion credit. So, my agent cancelled my existing excursions, and rebooked them so they were on my onboard account and could be paid after the cruise. I was suppose to get a refund of the prepaid excursions. After watching my credit card over 6 weeks, I finally called the shore excursion desk.
  2. Our itinerary on the Joy earlier this month was similar to the one you show. We did Curacao, Bonaire, and Aruba. Santa Marta was originally on the schedule, but was dropped a couple weeks before we sailed. Safety issues were cited. They moved Cartagena up one day. They then gave us a full day in Colon and anyone that had originally booked a tour for the canal day took it on that day instead. If you did not have a tour booked, it was just a hang out on the ship day. Colon is not a port where you get off the ship and just wander around. 20 minutes and were back on the ship. On our trans
  3. We were just on the Joy earlier this month in cabin 8136, Mini Suite with large balcony. We really enjoyed that location. Very close to the restaurants, Waterfront, The Local and the Atrium. No need to take the elevators unless we were heading up to the buffet, observation lounge, pool deck or Spice. The deck plans showed we were over the theater, so I was concerned about that before we left, but it was never a problem. A couple evenings, on the way to our room, we could clearly hear the theater in the hallway, so I thought "Oh Boy, this is going to keep us up", but as soon as we st
  4. I thought I had read that the cups supplied were small. I don't need something huge and it doesn't really need to keep my coffee hot for hours because I can always get a refill. I picked up a two pack plastic 16oz reusable coffee cups with a cover at the dollar store. That should be good enough. Then if I mistakenly leave it sitting someplace it's no great loss. I'll test them out tomorrow morning to be sure the coffee won't burn my hand thru the plastic.
  5. Thanks. Do they have to-go cups at the buffet, or do I need to bring my own? I don't recall seeing a coffee shop/bakery on the deck plans, other than the Starbucks? Do you know where that would be on the Joy?
  6. We will be on the Joy next week. Is there someplace to get a cup of coffee to go that I could take with me to sit in the waterfront area or by one of the pool decks? Can I get a to-go cup at the buffet or do any of the bars have coffee brewing in the morning? Or, is my only option to bring my own travel cup and make it in my room or order a pot from morning room service? I don't drink Starbucks at home, so I don't plan on buying it on the ship.
  7. Nothing is for certain until you have your flight assignments. All along, our vacation summary showed us going into and out of Miami, but when we finally got our flight assignments, we fly into Miami (on United), but go back home out of FLL (on Delta)
  8. We also have a late flight (6:00 pm) out of FLL at the end of our cruise. We booked the Hop on/Hop off bus with shuttle to FLL. The way I understand it - we will get transferred to Bayside Marketplace from the ship. They will store our luggage for the day and we can take get on and off the bus at 25 or so locations. Then you just make sure you are back at Bayside at either 1pm, 3pm or 5pm to catch a shuttle to FLL. Here's the link to the bus route. https://d12dkjq56sjcos.cloudfront.net/pub/media/wysiwyg/bbtpdf/Miami_Map_December_2019.pdf
  9. The actual room size between the mini suite and regular balcony appears to be the same. I believe the 30 extra sqft is in the bathroom. Much bigger than the regular balcony suite. We were undecided which to book until we saw a video on youtube and saw the size of the bathroom. Larger shower and vanity with more storage space under the sink.
  10. We're cruising NCL for the first time in a few weeks, so I'm no expert by any means, but what I noticed was that, as soon as I booked something - dinner, show, excursion - anything else that seemed to possibly overlap timing wise, disappeared from my options. So, not sure, but I think their system maybe won't allow you too book two conflicting events. If that is true, again I'm not positive, at the 120 day mark, you should book whatever is priority and then see what else is available.
  11. We'll be boarding the Joy on Super Bowl Sunday. I've read that we should be able to watch the game "all over" the ship. As much as I'm looking forward to getting to know my fellow 4000 passengers 😁 I'm hoping to find a smaller venue to watch the game. I've looked at pictures of the various bars, but I don't see any TVs. Does anyone familiar with the Joy know if District Brewhouse or Maltings or some other bar has shown sporting events in the past? Go Pack Go !!
  12. We are taking a 7 hour Veragua Rainforest & Tortuguero Canals tour in Puerto Limon in February. I thought at one time I had read to wear long pants, I assume to protect against bug bites, but now I see the tour description just says comfortable clothes and shoes. I expect it to be hot and humid, so I'd rather wear shorts. I'll have insect repellent. Does anyone have personal experience with this type of tour? Were the bugs awful?
  13. Thanks jaapie, I'll try not to look down on the rope bridge
  14. Thanks Oviedo, I couldn't find a board for just Costa Rica when I was on my tablet. I found it now. I'll post my question there too.
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