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    Is it safe to prop your balcony door open?

    i like your humor
  2. babyjane

    Laundry rooms and irons

    I like that idea the best! I'm an ironing freak also, but don't want to spend my vacation ironing!! I think I'll go with sending it out...thanks for the great tip!
  3. babyjane

    Beware - Carnival wants YOUR money!

    [quote name='MGilly']I knew I'd get some flack, but gee! Here's the situation: Each couple booked their own cabin. We were told that we'd get $50 per person ($100 per cabin) onboard credit. We received the credit card bill in January. We have tried several times via telephone and via mail to resolve this with the credit card company AND with Carnival. I did not want to bring it to Cruise Critic to badmouth anyone until it got to the point of ridiculous. It's there now. We HAVE sent copies of the final Sail and Sign statement, but everyone we talk with says it has to go to accounting and be reviewed - again. Today was the straw that broke the camel's back. It's now over two and a half months since the cruise ended, and over two months since this has been in dispute. I've tried VERY unsuccessfully to be nice when speaking with Carnival, and I had hoped that this would be more of a warning to others who might think they're getting a fair deal from Carnival to beware. I did NOT expect to find such hostility from all of you - "charity case" and so on. I never expected a cruise to be a cheap vacation. But I DID expect Carnival to live up to their promotional deals. And as for how we managed to keep our Sail and Sign bill down - we are not drinkers, we bring along all the sundries we'll need, and we plan on spending our cash in ports of call. Not everyone uses a cruise as a reason to drink their wallets dry.[/quote] Well Said!!!!!