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  1. Yes they have shops with bottles you can buy which they store until you disembark as you cannot take it back to your room. As for ordering for your room, I cannot speak to this as I have never done it. From Celebrity site they even reference this in their onboard shopping... Onboard Shopping An array of boutiques on board offers everything you love to shop for on land. You'll discover a collection of luxury watches, fine jewelry, beauty products and fragrances, liquor, and our exclusive Celebrity Logo Collection. Best of all, shopping onboard is tax-free and duty-free. Be sure to check out the cruise shops on your next sea day when you'll have ample time to explore and pick up gifts for family, friends, and yourself.
  2. This applies only in the case of full complimentary with AI, what we are referring to is a discounted cruise which is different. A full fare cruise being discounted vs complimentary offer. I've had the complimentary offers that were fully identified as cabin only so I had no expectations of perks or AI and they didn't disappoint as I got nothing but the cabin LOL ... all good.
  3. Sorry, I didn't end up asking as I instead cancelled my reservation as it is just too soon for me mentally and with the added overhead of international traveling in the mix and it only being months away I just had to stop thinking only of what a 'deal' something is and really think things out better. Happy sailing.
  4. Of course you will, just me stupidly stating the obvious 🙂
  5. Welcome 😞 and that sucks. I am Amethyst too so should be no difference there but we all clearly know there is some magic to the sprinkling of pixie dust and not sure anyone will ever fully figure that out. I've had same challenge where I would hear nothing for long long long time and then suddenly something would arrive in (snail) mail and now I have started getting email now and then. Still surprises me when I get them. Shame though that it puts more load on them to take call for blind inquiries. Definitely worth your calling though and I would even suggest if you have a cruise in mind to ask them what they could offer as I got a pleasant surprise (discount applied) for a 2023 cruise I had been pondering.
  6. I got my offer(s) via email. Within the email there was an option I could select that took me to a page where I could choose 3 sailings in order of preference. I did end up calling as I wanted to ask them something but only by choice as the online should have worked. Oh and I have had offers expire in the past and they still had them in my profile (when I called much later) and I was able to book from ones still showing availability.
  7. Sucks doesn't it, I really like to see this stuff identified somewhere. Call me paranoid 🤪
  8. Thanks ... ya I know this and I've actually had (and sailed) ones that did not include AI in the past but this is a discounted cruise much like kathynorth and not a fully comped cruise that I typically get for cabin only so not the same. I think it's as kathynorth is also seeing, they just don't list it on the booking for some stupid reason. I will find out with certainty tomorrow as I just can't be bothered with a queue tonight and not sure how late they are even open.
  9. Thanks Jim... Yes this is what I was expecting as I've seen on other bookings in the past prior to AI so found it odd none of that is listed on this one. I am going to call them tomorrow just for my own peace of mind. I do really believe it is covered given the cruise fare matches what I see online if booking it right now with Always Included so it wouldn't make sense for it not to be 'included' and it must be something that they did different this time on the Blue Chip end to now show it. BTW I hope you are continuing to have wonderful cruise!
  10. THANK YOU ... this is what I was hoping to hear. I have seen in the past where things didn't show as I would expect on the booking confirmation and it's hard to accept what one can't see. As I said prior, I wish they showed stuff either consistently or at least show this online in the booking. Oh well.
  11. What's to follow, I booked on the phone with Celebrity Blue Chip Club which is just an extension of Celebrity so they don't do anything unique and the confirmation I got is just like any other I've received from Celebrity. This isn't my first time booking so the concept of writing it on a notepad is not foreign to me, nor is seeing many statements from them, nor is reviewing stuff with them which all seemed as expected. It's just the first time AI and I didn't focus on this not being explicitly listed until after the call but I'm assuming AI is the reason. The base cost matches what shows on this sailing online with AI so I am assuming it's something with the way the receipt is filtered? Anyway, just asking what others see and clearly yours shows and mine doesn't. I will call them back to (re)validate this for myself. Oh and my reference to online is also not being able to the AI items on my actual 'upcoming' booking reservation which has always been a shortcoming of their online system.
  12. Hmmmmm ... I hate that you can't see this type stuff in the booking online.
  13. Just wondering if I should see anything on my reservation booking confirmation statement about the always included? Perhaps it doesn't show anymore since it's assumed unless otherwise noted?
  14. I just submitted for this one using the online method. I debated a lot about it and figured just go for it and who knows there may not even be any availability left now. My challenge is it is still soon (in my mind) especially for border crossing and flying so I have hesitation but I am telling myself to maybe just let go a bit. Also, an offer without drinks (for me) means still paying out a bit so I had to remind myself it's not 'free' in the sense of everything I may end up paying out. Yes A LOT cheaper but not free. I have researching whether anyone has received good offer on drink packages as that would change the picture a lot. Anyway, we shall see first if I get my first selection of March 28th as the other two I had to select are not as desirable and I didn't want to be going too much sooner that that date.
  15. Okay this would put me over the edge. Clothing I can choose not to look twice or let affect me (unless extreme or very exposing that could be hard to ignore) but someone on their phone without headphones and within close listening distance of me is a major pet peeve. I consider this beyond rude and inconsiderate, clearly some don't think this way. Back to the refreshing topic of dress code 😉
  16. Is there a way to view your Blue Chip Club tier points while you are physically on a ship playing slots? Does the machine inserted players card show this detail (I don't recall) or is calling/emailing the only way to know and would their number be a 'live' balance updated immediately as you play day to day? Just wondering if during a cruise you would be able to follow this as you play or if it's a dark secret until you hit land again. Hadn't considered but maybe you can at the casino desk during the cruise?
  17. Don't totally rely on getting email offers. They could have offers for you that never get emailed out, I have experienced this myself. Nothing lost to call and ask what offers they may for you. Offers I've had this year were for sailings out of Florida and Greece, clearly the offers vary person to person and where one lives seems to play a part in it. Good luck to you if you decide to call.
  18. Another one that just started is the Disasters at Sea, I find this show similarly interesting to Mayday in how they trace back the cause(s) to such terrible events so that they can learn from them.
  19. Sounds like me! I have it down to a science how many times to forward (30 seconds a jump) especially for programs that actually say 'be back in x minutes' LOL. I think I might watch too much TV 😜
  20. Welcome, that would be fun to watch if you were on the sailing. Will give a different spin on the show for sure. If you have On Demand it would likely be there, I have it recorded but I have Bell and it shows up in the On Demand Discovery channel too.
  21. Ooops my bad ... I spoke of the wrong ship that I would not sail, it's Seven Seas Explorer that didn't interest me ... the first episode. I have yet to watch yesterdays AIDnova episode.
  22. This has already aired previously (assume in US) in 2020/21. When I first seen the promo for Canadian viewing I looked up to see what the ships would be ... here you go. Agree with 'Sue from Canada' that AIDnova does not interest me at all and it even 'watched' boring to me, still interesting to see what's out there and it fills the gap on missing cruising right now. Others to come look good, the NCL Joy I believe is an Alaska sailing.
  23. Wow, I don't have answer but that definitely seems a bit extreme. Someone I know called Monday and they said the message they got was they had to email them (they were looking for pricing/offers) which was a change from my calling them few weeks ago. Like you, when I've called most recently to book a trip (not one they mail offered) they've answered pretty quickly. Could it be a transfer call is handled different than a direct call to the blue chip number?
  24. It's not 'American cruise lines' but rather cruises that embark from the US; the ships are not American (NCL Pride being an exception). The point definitely stands though, where the ship leaves from definitely makes a difference in the rules. One can only hope that the (hopefully not too distant) future looks different than how it is right now; the overhead and risk of denied sailing is great for Canadians with few (none) options for directly stepping on a ship within our borders and without some form of (air) travel. 😞
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