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  1. According to MarineTraffic it's the Celebrity Silhouette.  She now appears to be headed back out.  She left Port Everglades on Friday headed to Aruba.  Something obviously came up to cause a pit stop in Miami.

  2. Bernews: ‘video flythrough’ showing a simulation of what the racecourse and the America’s Cup Village will look like -






    Thanks for posting. Can't wait to get there.




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  3. Here's hoping the washing lines have now been replaced in the showers!

    We were on our first Azamara sailing leaving Southampton on 09/09/16 and the Captain said they were on board, but would take up to 3 months to be fitted in all cabins.



    We got off the Quest 16 night sailing out of New Orleans yesterday. Captain Carl reported early in the cruise that approximately 80% of the clothes lines had been installed and crews were on board continuing the work. Should just about be done.


    BTW, it was our first cruise on Azamara and we absolutely loved it.



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  4. it's a good introduction to cruising and maybe they are the Azamara customers of the future.


    Excellent point and great discussion. I know we started our cruising career on Royal Caribbean, albeit on some of their smaller ships, before moving up to HAL and Celebrity, and are now looking forward to our first Azamara cruise. The largest ships we've been on are Celebrity's S class and the smallest is HAL's Veendam. Our favorite class has been Celebrity's M class. I find that our travel preferences have evolved over time and I suspect that is true of most. We learn a bit more about ourselves, we get more time off from work, our financial situations change (hopefully for the better), and so on. From everything we've read from all you wonderful AZ regulars, we believe we will fall in love with AZ from the moment we set foot on Quest in New Orleans this fall.


    As others have indicated, for us all bets are off when traveling with family, but when its just the two of us our rule is "if it has a water slide, avoid it':D

  5. Chromered7,


    Thanks for the trip reports. Keep them coming. We're scheduled for our first Azamara cruise later this year and everything we read on these boards has us really excited. Especially like reading about the impressions of first time Azamara cruisers. Suspect we'll have a hard time going back to X after experiencing AZ :)

  6. The World was docked next to Infinity at Puntarenas, Costa Rica on our recent Panama Canal cruise. I snapped this shot from the upper deck of Infinity. A crewmember of The World stood lookout on the funnel the whole time we were there. Coral Princess can be seen in the background at Puerta Caldera.



  7. Thanks for posting this warning. I was considering a similar exursion this fall, but believe I'll pass now. I may look into booking something independently, but a quick perusal on the Orvis website showed no endorsed guides in the Turks.


    Have you tried fly fishing excursions at any other ports that were worthwhile?


    Thanks again for the heads up.

  8. Here are a couple of photos that should help you.


    This one shows the angled balcony of 6048. 6053 is the same on the port side. 6046 is just to the right of 6048.



    6030 and 6035 are often referred to on these boards as part of the "Sweet 16" cabins because they have larger than normal balconies. You can find a photo at ttp://travel.webshots.com/photo/1373723518072643706MZqnvN. Also try this thread - http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=9751115

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