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  1. Thanks Biker. I happened to notice about a month ago that the reservation had her maiden name. Her C&A number was also under her maiden name so had to call to get everything to match.
  2. You're correct as my TA did mention to me Royal doesn't use hyphens; I'm just used to saying hyphenated. I'm just trying to be sure the marriage certificate isn't need if she has a passport?
  3. DW just got a passport with a hyphenated last name. Her DL reflects the same but obviously BC would not have the hyphenation. So would a passport override the need to present the marriage certificate?
  4. I haven't gotten my hands on an on-board price list for Allure yet, but $250 is what I figured it would cost pre-purchased. I'm unsure that if found cheaper on-board, they would refund the difference.
  5. You don't have to purchase it for each stateroom. As stated on the photo company's website, it will include any of your children under the ages of 21 even being in different staterooms. You just need to go to the Photo Focus desk once onboard and have all the rooms linked. The problem that you have is you and your husband are in different cabins. If you purchase the package under your name, your husband has to make sure he is in a picture with any one of the other family members. If you purchase the package under your husband's name, then you have to make sure you are in a picture with any one of the other family members. It might be a slight pain but definitely doable.
  6. I'll be the guinea pig and experiment in 60 days. I'll set a limit on one the kids seapass and I'll put another with no privileges. But seeing how it appears to work differently between the ships, we still may not achieve a definitive answer.
  7. I believe someone posted that once you use your seapass in the arcade the system automatically turned the charging privileges back on. So what happens if you just have a daily limit set? I'm just trying to better understand how to utilize a cash account. You said no surprise charges at the end. So with a cash account don't the daily charges still show up as they would with having a cc on file?
  8. Would setting up a cash account prevent charges in the arcade?
  9. That's good information to know....thanks. Our kids stateroom is across the hall so I was planning to just get an extra key. But if we can re-key ours to open either door, that's better than having two 2 cards.
  10. I have learned about the arcade credits by reading the different threads. But it does stipulate in the cruise planner, under additional terms and conditions, that guests will not be notified once the credits have been depleted.
  11. You don't need a signal to open the app and view your set sail passes. You can also print them as a PDF and store on your phone.
  12. If there are Freestyle machines on-board then yes, you are capable to do that but many CC members on here would consider that unethical and consider you stealing. Like my dad use to say, "All I can do is teach you right from wrong but what you choose to do is on you"
  13. So that was my hesitation as well because I thought it was 4 codes but have heard it's possible to only be given one. So now you explain to the others the stipulations of how to use the code for only one device and make sure they are in agreement. And if they don't follow the rules, you go to the Mobil App desk and tell the your code isn't working so you're issued a new one making your old one inactive.
  14. Thanks to the suggestion from @brillohead I purchased the 4-device plan and allocated 2 slots for 2 members in our Roll Call. They have my cell number and cabin so we can meet up on-board. Now we all will have internet for $48.00 for the week instead almost $70-$100 each.
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