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  1. I had planned on doing something similar until I found out it would include my 19 year old being in another stateroom. So now we all can take individual shots and seek out photographers all cruise long to get our moneys worth.
  2. If all your group isn't in the same stateroom, then from my understanding those not in your cabin will only be including if they are in a photo with someone from the purchasing cabin. The exception being if they are children of the purchasing cabin under the age of 21.
  3. He is sailing next month and I'm sailing in September but I still don't see it. My best guess is that it'll pop up about 45 days from sailing but it can reveal itself at anytime. If I remember this thread, I'll let you know.
  4. I hear you and that's true to a certain degree but if arcades werent making money, they'd pull them from the ship. And they certainly wouldn't have multiple arcades on board. Plus we don't know their situation. There are lots of parents that refuse to even get there kids gaming consoles. You've got 12 year olds making 6 figures off YouTube channels playing games. I don't agree with sheltering kids in this generation from games but people parent in different ways.
  5. if you hover the mouse over Dining it should be listed on the drop down menu under Izumi Hibachi Experience. But if you clicked on Dining it's going be all the way at the bottom of the page. If you still don't see it (just throwing this out there) maybe your reservation is set for Tradition and not MTD.
  6. Even after that you should still make sure the reservations are linked so that if you choose any excursions or shows you'll be able to book everyone together.
  7. I'm not sure if this applies to only the parents or you being the grandparent but kids (under 18) can be linked to there parents and obtain their C&A status. I know one of your grands will be 13 so he may not be eligible. I've never taken my kids on a cruise but 3 of them are now have Gold Status before stepping on the ship. I think the C&A discount on the $50 is better than the $100 for $80 deal.
  8. I haven't heard of the soda package being that low until a couple of days ago; it's been holding at $9.99/day so yes, jump on that one. You might even find the Soda/Voom package at a good deal if you only need 1-device.
  9. Absolutely....prices will fluctuate but will always be cheaper than purchasing once on-board. Ignore the percentage and just look at the final price. And after making your pre-purchase, continue to check prices so that if the price goes down you can just cancel and re-book at the lower price.
  10. Just some insight, any unused arcade credits when be lost at the end of the cruise. If they are Crown & Anchor they'll get a one-time discount on credits; so need to pre-purchase. Granted it wouldn't take 2 boys those ages to blow through credits, $200 seems much for the arcade unknowing if there will be games they're interested in or even operational. From what I've read revoking charging privileges or implementing the daily limit is the only way to prevent them creating a huge bill once the credits have been depleted. Hope this helps!
  11. I believe it's only a better deal for someone that plans on drinking very little. Downside is instead of being able to have the entire cruise, you now would have to consume those in 2-3 days. I guess since you can share a 10 drink package it would be easier to do so. Just as with any drink package, you have to figure out what works best for you.
  12. I've wondered and asked the same question and the answers were not a definite no but no one thought nor had seen it being offered beforehand. I'll find out on my next sailing.
  13. I think OP was saying "As said above." in reference to the prior post about how the billing is handled.
  14. Interesting....the price for my Allure September sailing is still at $52.00
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