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  1. From my understanding If they deny boarding to anyone in the party, the entire party will/can be refunded. FCC can be a tricky thing because, as you were told, it is applied to each person and isn't always beneficial when involving multiple people. If everyone in your party will be cruising again within the next year, then it's wise to get it. But if just one person cannot, the extra 25% is not worth the aggravation of trying to ensure all FCC gets used; making it better to accept the full refund.
  2. I've checked 5 different ships and Symphony is the only one I've discovered thus far
  3. It was definitely from the update. I just updated and I'm now am able to see it.
  4. I'm not sure if this popped up on the latest update but it appears that the app will now show you your muster stations. This was posted in a FB group by Dean Bailey. I would have never known because I'm still too far out to check-in to see my assigned muster station.
  5. If you download the RCI app, it has deck plans but also a feature that will show you where the Freestyle machines, venues, and other POI by clicking on it.
  6. I'm still looking for others that have encountered the same thing but this particular sailing is for April 18th. I'll have to go back and see what was reserved but I want to say it was laser tag.
  7. A passenger on an upcoming Symphony sailing says he was able to reserve things with the app without being on board. I'm just waiting for others to confirm this. Anyone else hear about this, especially since there was another update?
  8. I know, but it wasn't. I just think there was some misunderstanding (don't really see how) so for know it's all good.
  9. I found some current breakfast menus from @twangster but wasn't too sure about re-posting them without asking
  10. That's what I was thinking but when you get management involved, I would think miscommunication would get cleared up. All that was ordered was coffee and a muffin. I didn't want to push or argue with her because I am wrong at times.
  11. I agree and said the same thing but thought I was missing something....thanks Ken!
  12. She just informed me that it happened on Serenade if that makes a difference
  13. A PAX that was just on in November. This is part of the convo: Just letting you know what we just experienced. And we did let the VP of Hotel know. He kept chatting with us every time he saw us. they told us there was a fee even for the coffee being delivered...guess THEY were charging everyone for everything that cruise lol
  14. Figured I'd revive and old thread instead of creating a new one. I'm getting a report that the room service charge is being charged for everything now, even continental. Does anyone know if this has recently changed (past few months) or is possible that it's only ship specific?
  15. You don't hand them they card, they simply ask you for the cabin number. So my suggestion would be to give them multiple cabin numbers. Better yet, I would speak to the photo people and let them link the cabins since you will have 3 purchased packages. If you bought the digital package it's probably easier for them to manipulate but if you're getting prints only, then I would think they'll have to print duplicates for each purchased package.
  16. I figured there was no real time being saved but at least I know they're included in the pecking order.
  17. Well that's good to know that expedited can get on before Emerald...thanks
  18. Ys you will be boarding at Terminal A. Expedited arrival has nothing to do with boarding. It's just lets you skip the check-in line at the terminal. Boarding will start as soon as the previous sailing has been cleared off all passengers. It can start as early as 10:30am10:45am and they start boarding in order of status; I believe starting with Suite guests and Pinnacles.
  19. It will not be preloaded but is there for you to use
  20. The only way to include them with your package is to either purchase a second photo package or just make sure one person from the purchasing cabin is always in a photo with them. It has been reported by one passenger that simply giving the same cabin, when asked for stateroom, included passengers (other family members that weren't their children) not in the purchasing stateroom. I can see how that may work but that is not the norm and not guaranteed to work based on the photo policy.
  21. I scanned in my wife's passport and uploaded (from the PC) the actual photo they used to take her passport photo. I scanned in my daughter's passport but didn't upload a picture. They both got expedited.
  22. I'm guessing you both checked in with passports?
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