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  1. Nothing to transfer to, the two options on offer are for Southampton or Newcastle, we live ten miles from Dover, don't drive and there are No 2022 departures listed for Dover at all except for one 28 day sailing in the autumn so after a year of being messed about we are now being left high and dry - literally!
  2. We are also booked on this Iceland cruise in June and have already accepted the fact that if it sails at all it will be a "scenic cruise" only with no shore visits permitted. We have already had six cruises (four last year and two so far for this one) either with Fred or Saga cancelled since last March, the first at thirty six hours notice. Since then we book, they cancel, we rebook and so it goes on to the point where I have given up with Saga as there is no hope of us meeting their requirement to get both inoculations in order to travel any time soon as we are under seventy years
  3. It's not the cancellation that's so annoying, that is perfectly understandable. What is annoying is that every time the cruise is re-scheduled there is less on offer for the same money and this time the replacement bears no relation to what was originally booked. It offers far less itinerary wise and is also more expensive, particularly when "Fred" are offering a ten night cruise to Copenhagen and Stockholm amongst other ports for less money than seven days in the fjords and three ports with Saga.
  4. Sorry should read November 2020 cancelled again, edit option seems to have disappeared.
  5. . Well that's that then! August 2018 booked on final sailing of Sapphire in mid March 2020 eight nights thru the Kiel Canal calling at Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Kristiansand. On board beer festival, oompah band and guest celebrity Dame Esther Rantzen, expensive but a once in a lifetime experience. January 20 Dame Esther cancells because of Norovirus and thirty six hours before departure Saga calls to say we are not sailing. Rebooked for March 2021 no Kiel Canal, no beer festival, no oompah band, no Dame Esther, one less night and one less port but the same price.
  6. Hi everyone it's the "aging headbanger" here. Thank you for your kind comments, as you say we all have different views and perspectives in life. I was married to a senior army officer for nearly twenty five years so any suggestion of say a formal night or cocktail party has me running in the opposite direction, been there and bought the tee shirt as they say. I second the comment on Ryanair, a few years ago we needed to get to Belfast in a hurry for a funeral and they were the only choice, National Express is even a better option though the journey door to door is twenty four hours
  7. Like I said we don't need transport to the port, we always book a deal on Fred with including drinks and a balcony isn't much use at night so Fred suits us best. We are nearly seventy years of age but don't care for bingo or string quartets either, jazz is OK but I prefer five bar blues however we are more into Black Sabbath than Abba. We could easily afford Saga' s new ships just don't see the point of wasting the money when Fred is perfectly acceptable for our requirements.
  8. Ah well we always go for a deal with Fred so our drinks and tips are included in what we pay, that's how we afford four or five cruises a year We also live fifteen miles from Dover so we can always get a lift or a local taxi and as I have said before we have no use for a balcony cabin as we don't spend any time in the cabin and if it's rough the further up the ship the worse it gets so we prefer to be inside on the lowest deck possible. The comment about comparable bookings was an observation on their experience, people don't spend money needlessly and there is very little benefit o
  9. We received our refund within three days and found a weeks all inclusive including drinks and tips going out of Dover in April with Fred Olsen for less than the five day cruise refunded by Saga in December We now have four crises booked for next year, one with Saga and the other three with Fred, and with all three "Fred's" we are paying for both of us what we would have paid each on Saga. My travel agent agrees with me that Saga have priced themselves out of the market for most of their existing customer base and apparently it is noticeable that Fred's bookings are up and Sagas a
  10. Again full marks from Saga, a telecall from Paul yesterday morning. I asked for a refund which will be in our account by the end of the week.
  11. I recd an email this morning with the same wording as posted above even though our stated method of contact is by post as I have no printer. We also recd a letter along the same vein when our last Saga cruise was cancelled a couple of months ago and being the trusting little souls we are we waited for the promised automatic refund - zilch! So as like nosaphire has suggested we rang Saga only to be told vey curtly it was up to us to contact them, wait two weeks (which is the travel industry default) for the refund to be processed and a further week for the transaction to go thru, w
  12. Well by March that will be a year since our Scandinavian cruise was cancelled the day before departure. Wise advice on refunds, we accepted a credit note for a deposit paid to Cruise and Maritime only to discover we could not claim off our credit card when they went into admIn as a credit note is classed as a refund. I will wait for the post but we had a delivery yesterday and living in the "back of beyond" we probably won't see Gary the postman again until Thursday or Friday.
  13. Thank you, I had feared the worst when I tried to pay the balance on the due date and was told they would be in contact when they needed it 😔 This will be the sixth cruise Saga have cancelled for us since March, five for this year and one for next. Each time they cancelled something we rebooked it for later this year or next but I'm loosing the will to live now. Let's hope the three rebooked for next year go ahead as two are now with "Fred" but booked thru Saga and Fred seems much more clued up.
  14. Sorry local media led me to belive that the de Haan family still had a substantial interest in Saga (not particularly popular in Folkestone I have to say) However I think we both agree whether it be Roger de Haan or Euan Sutherland someone should be out there rallying the troops from the front not skulking in their Middleburg Square headquarters hoping no one can find them. Saga makes a big noise of being the caring family firm but they have a local reputation for not treating their staff very well so why would they treat their passengers any differently.
  15. About time to. We are also registered with Fred Olsen and we receive an update from "Mr Fred" in the form of a short video every Friday, it's a shame Mr de Haan of Saga doesn't deem it necessary to do the same!
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