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  1. I am wondering if I call my PVP if he can help me with a lower cheers cost? I have a 4j booked for March but I don’t have any cheers code other than RU9
  2. It’s not for interior bookings. My code for cheers was not worth it i mean I always purchase cheers but I didn’t save by including it now
  3. Thanks...4j is booked. I will take Dramamine regardless 👍🏻 I never booked forward. Always stayed in balcony mid or back
  4. I booked 4j on the magic for 8souther Caribbean Deck 7. I was wondering about motion. And is serenity in the very back? I like the hot tubs spread around the ship
  5. Taxes might be $1. It’s not terrible. Not enough t9 cause a stink oven🍻
  6. Thanks...I was only seeing dry dock and return to cruising sept 24
  7. Does anyone know what is planned for Magic’s dry dock? I read it’s in great need of renovations
  8. I am looking at 4j deck 7...thoughts?
  9. Our past 4 cruises we paid to have CHEERS..rescheduled our cancelled cruise to may2022. Cheers right now added $800 so I booked without Cheers. I have time to see if any price changes happen but at least my cruise is booked
  10. How much is the sky ride and how long is it? Every time we were in st Thomas we just went to Megan’s bay
  11. I have to admit... I cruised another line twice...tried Carnival and was red... then blue..then gold..next cruise I'm platinum. I stayed because I love cruising but also because liked getting a little extra. I like thinking I’m getting more🙋🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  12. I’m going on my cruise in May...going to be platinum on this cruise Do you think Carnival would just immediately change level or change it like starting 2021 😏🤷‍♀️
  13. Going on journey cruise in May... I’ll be Platinum on this cruise👏We’re OV on a lower deck but so excited
  14. Searching for codes....can someone post some please😁
  15. On our last cruise I said —boy this CD isn’t ever around—-lol my 25&23 year old sons said I don’t know what I am talking about🤷‍♀️ hes really good he was always with the younger age group...on deck and in clubs that was good...I was glad they were having a great cruise i dont book according to CD
  16. Going on the legend in May...looking forward to hearing more
  17. I’m trying everything...I see shop with rewards but where do go to earn rewards thanks
  18. I see shop with rewards but where do I go to earn points im clicking everything lol
  19. Thanks...where do I earn points im trying everything
  20. Help! i can’t figure out where to go to earn rewards. thanks for your help
  21. I need help i can’t find where to go to enter promo codes to get points please help!!!
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