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  1. The description states: "Refresh yourself whenever you like with a choice of alcohol-free cocktails, sodas, energy drinks, bottled mineral water, flavoured water, fruit juices, a wide range of premium coffee drinks, hot chocolate delights, organic tea and soft ice cream" Has anyone purchased this package? If so, does it include smoothies or milkshakes? It indicates it includes soft ice cream. Is it from a soft serve machine they dispense in a cup? If so, what venue is it from? MDR or buffet or both. On my last several cruises, Lirica and Bellissima, I didn't see anyone with soft ice cream, however they do have a separate gelato stand and serve regular ice cream in the MDR to anyone.
  2. I'm glad the cruise lines are banning visibly sick passengers😷
  3. Why would anyone knowingly get on a cruise ship with any infectious disease? Crazy. I know why, because people only care about themselves. As always, unfortunately☹️
  4. A Brighton Medical facility just closed. Staff member diagnosed with coronavirus. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51447761
  5. Here's the news article below. They're waiting on test results from his body 😞 Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas Crew member Royal Caribbean
  6. Actually, I found the article. The crew member was found dead, but on a Royal Caribbean ship. I'll find the article and attach it.
  7. This is ONLY a question....Has anyone heard of a possible Filipino cruise member onboard that was found dead in the engine room within the last day? I haven't found any reliable source but recently ran across some folks talking about it on the internet (of course 🙄). They said it's being broadcast on local news in the Philippines.
  8. Most people that are passengers on cruise ships are old. And in reality they're the ones that have weaken immune systems, so the numbers of course will continue to rise. Besides that many arrive on cruises already sick or with other major health problems. So, definitely they'll be at the top of the list on catching whatever comes there way. Especially, if they are a smoker or ex-smoker, which any type of pneumonia can cause havoc on them. No surprise at all with the numbers.
  9. Yes, I read about that, but I would think whatever species it was it probably came from their excrements. In a crowded market I'm sure all kinds of bacteria and viruses were floating around.
  10. Probably from bat feces in unsanitary market conditions.
  11. Since you didn't quote me, I'm just now seeing your post. Yes, my both my cruises on the Lirica (Dec 11) and the Bellissima (Jan 18) went to Bahrain.
  12. UAE has announced that any confirmed patients in the country will not be charged for health care related to the virus. And when I was on the Bellissima recently they were mandating everyone get squirted with hand sanitizer before entering the ship and all dining areas for bacterial infections. I'm certain by now that they've added more safeguards according to their recent statement regarding the virus, since sanitizer doesn't kill it, but they intend to refuse to board sick passengers. The cruise terminal itself in Dubai and all other ports in the UAE have already banned China travel of their employees a week ago.
  13. You're welcome. Also, this is current information, as I am still in Dubai from doing three cruises here. So, you'll be fine. Don't worry.
  14. It's visa on arrival 24/7 at the airport. They stamp your passport. When you leave on the cruise your passport will be retained by the ship and stamped exit once the ship leaves the country. And when you arrive back to Dubai if it's a round trip cruise, it will stamped as entry by immigration officers inside the cruise port terminal.
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