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  1. Good to know. I don't use insurance so have no policy to reference. Since insurance companies are good at excluding so many things, I'm surprise they didn't add that to the exclusion list😁
  2. It's possible that you will be refunded if you fall under a country with a travel alert, because travel insurance will be voided if you travel anyway. That's how I look at it. Good luck!
  3. I'm quoting myself.... Also, the United States Department of State has raised the the Italy travel Alert Advisory to Level 3. "Reconsider Travel" Department of State - Reconsider Travel to Italy
  4. If you booked through a travel agency, call your agent.
  5. Probably because the CDC has designated Italy at Level 3 Essential Travel only country.
  6. Totally agree with you. If the cruise line goes ahead with the cruise, I'm in. I have no obligations since I'm retired, so if I miss some ports or possibly quarantined, so be it. I rather be quarantined on a ship than a hospital or warehouse setting. Every country is going to experience this. I'm an ex-camper boondocker type of person who for years lived off the grid, so bring it on. Only the strong shall survive 💪
  7. I've used that email address several times, but for that last cruise the IT department had to fix it. One time before that an actual "future cruise agent" on one of cruises fixed it in 1 day. Because they send a direct email to a specific employee. I have another cruise coming up and I'm sure the points won't post until I become a squeaky wheel again 🙄
  8. Sailing in April. I'm going even if they cancel the cruise. I'll just rearrange my itinerary and don't miss a beat, like I always do.
  9. There is no free ice cream. You only get soft serve (whatever that is), with a paid non-alcoholic package according to the description. It also indicates that the "ice cream menu" is not included. Soft serve normally means an ice cream machine and not homemade dipping ice cream like gelato, but I could be wrong. I've decided not to even pursue this package since it's so vague.
  10. One of my cruises was an IT issue too. It took about a week to resolve. It seems that cruises booked through a travel agent can get screwed up in their system, by having required fields missing. They will show correctly on your account, but not in MSC's computer system that post points.
  11. The description states: "Refresh yourself whenever you like with a choice of alcohol-free cocktails, sodas, energy drinks, bottled mineral water, flavoured water, fruit juices, a wide range of premium coffee drinks, hot chocolate delights, organic tea and soft ice cream" Has anyone purchased this package? If so, does it include smoothies or milkshakes? It indicates it includes soft ice cream. Is it from a soft serve machine they dispense in a cup? If so, what venue is it from? MDR or buffet or both. On my last several cruises, Lirica and Bellissima, I didn't see anyone with soft ice cream, however they do have a separate gelato stand and serve regular ice cream in the MDR to anyone.
  12. I'm glad the cruise lines are banning visibly sick passengers😷
  13. Why would anyone knowingly get on a cruise ship with any infectious disease? Crazy. I know why, because people only care about themselves. As always, unfortunately☹️
  14. A Brighton Medical facility just closed. Staff member diagnosed with coronavirus. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51447761
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