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  1. I am aware that consumer protection laws will vary by jurisdiction. I was merely trying to show that the response from Princess hasn’t been that different from the response that I’ve had from any of the other travel companies that I’ve been dealing with. They all want to stay in business. Good luck to everyone and stay healthy.
  2. The airline in question has only posted a notice on their website. It is not possible to get through to a person. The third party website only emailed me (automated email) after waiting more than three weeks. They only wanted me to respond with a “yes” to the voucher. If my response is “no”, which it was, they don’t want to hear from me. They will send the refund when they get around to it. I hope that everyone’s refunds get processed. (I’m supposed to be working from home right now, so I better get back to work. It’s too easy to get distracted.)
  3. You are lucky if you are only having problems with Princess being slow. We booked our flights with a Canadian airline that is refusing to refund for flights that they cancelled. They are only providing future travel vouchers for up to 24 months. A very popular third party booking website is trying to get me to take a voucher for a future hotel visit (115% of cash value) instead of refunding our money on a fully refundable cash booking that we have cancelled. We've now waited about a month for that refund. In the end, I can complain until I am blue in the face or I can just be patient - because it isn't going to change the outcome at all.
  4. I wonder if they would actually let you put a deposit down ... I would hope that they would not.
  5. Yes, but many people have reported that you cannot book those cruises. I haven't tried to book one, but I've read in other topics that people get to the booking stage and they get a notice to "call Princess".
  6. No need to apologize. I thought maybe you knew something that I was not aware of.
  7. Why would npcl fill in form to receive option 1 or 2? They cancelled their cruise before final payment. Princess did not cancel the cruise.
  8. With the state of things right now, the only way that we can keep a booking for July is if Princess changes the final payment date. We're not going to hang onto international flights, hotels, transfers, excursions and the full cost of a cruise when most borders are now closed, airlines are cancelling international flights and travelers are being required to self quarantine. The FCC option doesn't really work for us. We have another cruised booked for early 2021, but it is much less expensive than the one that we are booked on for July. We still work, so we can't take multiple vacations in a year (but we would love to), so we can't have money sitting in a non-refundable FCC that will not be used up before the deadline. If we are forced to make a decision about this cruise by April 2nd, we are going to cancel. If the payment date were to move to May, we might see some light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, all of this hinges on the Enchanted Princess even being delivered on time ... We love Princess. If they extend the final payment date, we will keep our booking active (and keep our fingers crossed for some good news.) Stay healthy, and we hope to see all of you on a cruise (once things are safe(er) again)! 🙂
  9. The Majestic Princess is in dry dock in Singapore.
  10. You will never realize how much you need insurance until you actually NEED insurance, and by then it will be too late if you haven't already purchased it. The Platinum Princess Vacation Protection is available as a free upgrade (when you purchase the standard vacation protection) to anyone with Ruby Loyalty Status and it includes CFAR. I wish you safe travels.
  11. If you do a search of the Clarion Hotel Cork and the Clayton Hotel Cork, the images of the hotel look the same. It appears that the Clarion was acquired by the company that rebranded it as the Clayton Hotel in 2016.
  12. Canadians can purchase as long as they are not from Quebec (Quebec has many laws specific to that province only and I’m no expert on this). I’m in Ontario and have always been able to add Princess CFAR. Be mad at the insurance companies for this, not Princess. Has this been labeled a pandemic?
  13. I don't mind waiting to within 6 months of the cruise to apply. I just wanted to make sure that it was okay to buy the CCL stock after booking the cruises.
  14. The Discovery Princess (coming November 2021) will also have the 2 Window Suites on deck 17 (Sun). They are S107 & S108.
  15. Do you have to already own the shares at the time you make the booking? I have a cruise booked for a year from now and another one 2 years from now. If I were to purchase the CCL stock today, can I apply for the OBC for cruises that I've already booked (even though they are 1 and 2 years away)?
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