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  1. I wish they had this on the Dawn last month. I hated joining my husband in there because it was overrun by cigarette smokers.
  2. I believe we were told to go to Bamboo to book reservations when I was on the Dawn last month
  3. I was told Veuve was included. I believe Whistle Pig was also 34.95/glass. We were actually told it was a $30 cap, but was later told it was in fact the $35 cap.
  4. The Premium Plus Beverage package will cost $34.80/day to upgrade to if you've already got the Premium Beverage package. It has a $35 price cap on drinks, includes bottled water, specialty coffees, energy drinks, and select bottles of wine with dinner. You can upgrade once you're on the ship. I upgraded last month on my 5 day with my husband (it was $348 total since we already had the free at sea package) and it was incredibly worth it for us.
  5. I was on the Dawn and I had bottles of wine at dinner included in the package. Anything not included In the package (I’d say there’s about 10/15 bottles to choose from) are 40% off
  6. They didn't. I did tell them I had called in and asked if I could when the news of the new package dropped, and was told I could use it. But when they said I couldn't on board, I didn't press it. We had other things on the account that totaled our OBC, and then got small gifts for our kids with the remaining balance.
  7. I remember being told at the Java Cafe it was a $30 cap, but in the wine cellar they said the Veuve was included. But it's not something I drink, so I didn't pay attention to the price. It wouldn't have changed much for us with it being a $35 limit, maybe my husband would have tried the top priced bourbon, but I still found it worth it.
  8. Not a problem. Plus add in liter sized bottles of water, specialty coffees, energy drinks if you drink them. It's so much more than just the alcohol that made it worth it for us.
  9. This was a big reason we upgraded as well. A lot of the wines that we would enjoy were over the limit. And now we've found a new favorite, Oberon Cabernet. I'm going after work today to buy a few bottles (almost $10 less than the cost per glass on the ship! haha)
  10. Approx $60/day including the gratuities. To not have to worry about whether what we wanted was covered. $200 for the free at sea gratuities, and $348 for the upgrade is $548. And divided by 2 is $274. Divided by 5 days is $55.
  11. Interesting. We were told $30. In regards to the wine, it was only in the dining rooms. The included bottles have stars next to them on the wine list. We were told we could each get one bottle per meal. And if it was opened and we didn’t finish it we could take it back to the room. But we never did that so I can’t say for sure that’s the case. It’s just what the wine sommelier told us at dinner one night.
  12. I was just on the Dawn from 4/12-4/17. I loved it. Good food, crew was great (minus a rude belly dancing teacher, but the Cruise Director dealt with that swiftly), no issues with the boat. Nothing like above my comment. We were on the 8th floor near elevators, and had no noise issues. The first night, I heard a man arguing with someone near the elevators but it was quick and heard nothing after that. The only con I found was the size of the pool seemed a little small for 2400 people.
  13. My husband and I recently returned from our first NCL cruise. We were on the Dawn, and got the dining and beverage packages with our booking. We decided to upgrade the to PPBP because my husband prefers the higher end bourbons. We paid the $348 upgrade (I was told on the phone I could use my onboard room credit for that, but I couldn't. Not a big deal in the end), and we were pleased with it. After paying the gratuities on the package perk and the upgrade, it was about $350/pp to drink unlimited for the 5 days and that's a pretty good deal. Being able to get the bottles of water is a big plus for us, we would store them in our mini fridge so they stayed cold. Add that to the specialty coffees in the morning, and we really enjoyed being able to order without worry. A lot of bartenders and baristas would tell us "I'm sorry, thats not included in your package" because its such a new package. Only 3 cabins on our ship had upgraded. But because of that, they became quite familiar with us. There is, however, a price cap on the PPBP. You have a $30 limit, which only puts a handful of liquors and glasses of wine outside of your budget. And having a bottle of wine with dinner is a nice option to have, since service can be slow at times.
  14. I havent been able to get a straight answer from anyone, but is there a starbucks on the Dawn. I'd like to load my cards if there is. Thank you
  15. That really does make sense. But I’m only on a 5 day. In my head I know I’ll mostly be ina swim suit and cover up and nicer clothes just for dinner. But the other side thinks what if you want to wear these shorts. and they get dirty. Of course you need all these shirts Incase they get dirty. So I’m wondering if saving luggage space is worth a load of laundry on like day 3
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