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  1. I was in Provincetown this week and saw the Summit tendering in passengers. Unfortunately, the company that is chartering the boat advertised that the overnight in Ptown would coincide with their Carnivale, that includes a parade. Well, the company got in wrong. Carnivale starts next Thursday, not this past Thursday. Oops!
  2. The ship is not going to Messina. The port is listed as Taormina, though it is about a 25 minute drive to there. We are tendering off of Giardini-Naxos.
  3. Since you were on the Pearl, do you have any suggestions on where the best place to meet would be? Thanks for your ideas.
  4. Just to give a little more information. Our group has only 8 people, none of them in a suite. So the advise is to find a meeting place to get on the same tender?
  5. We are on the Pearl, September 9th. Two questions about tendering: What is the tendering procedure for people who are not doing an NCL excursion? In Sicily, I have organized a private shore excursion with cruise mates from the roll call. Where would be the best spot for us to meet so that we can get on the same tender?
  6. So do you need to have an internet package to use the app?
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. I now am looking at buying the 250 minutes, but I’m curious about the SIM card. I think I will call AT&T.
  8. If I purchase the 250 minutes internet package, besides surfing the web, can I also get and send emails? Some packages say no email, just social media sites. Thanks
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