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  1. Are there places where recent Fun Times and menus are published online? Looking for the Liberty. We sail Monday.
  2. How are those charges refunded if the passengers no-show at the port? How long does that take?
  3. When I go to the website I am informed that my online check-in is not complete. I can't print boarding passes, only luggage tags. The adults are checked in but I can't get the minors checked in. It appears to be the on board expenses. Well, there isn't going to be any of that for them because they are under 10 years old. If the conditions for going on this cruise is to allow a 7 year old to charge to my credit card, then we aren't going. Other than that, I go through the entire thing and it still lists all of them as incomplete and the adults as complete. I go to the FAQ on the website and EVERY SINGLE ONE is a "Bad Request." So, how do you complete the online checkin?
  4. This looks like what we are looking at. So, now logistially, how do we get to the beach from the ship? Also, we were searching online for options and saw something regarding day passes to the Grand Lucayan. Is that a thing? It said to just show up there, but we would feel better if we knew that was a solid option. We have 5 kids <10, so we need a place where they can go (and by go, I mean go). We also need beach chairs, etc. For Nassau, it looks like we are going to take the bus to Saunders Beach. Apparently there is a gas station where we could get snacks and drinks if we needed and a playground in case the kids get tired of the sand and sea. But we have 2 weeks to research all of this and get our plans nailed down.
  5. Going on Liberty in a few weeks. Don't want to spend a ton on excursions. Just want to go to the beach with the (5) kids for the day. What are best options for group for 7 for the beach in Nassau or Freeport?
  6. If I go online and make changes to the passenger name, will there be a charge? I looks like I can edit passenger information. Could I just change the passenger name and information online?
  7. I would think you could. I think you are well out enough (10 months) that would could cancel and re-book without penalty. That's if I read the terms on MY contract right. I was wondering about whether or not the port fees and gratuities would be refunded.
  8. So, it would not make any difference whether we cancel them or just no-show if we are past the 100% refund part? the fare is only $158 combined, so it's only about 1/3 of the total.
  9. We have a cruised booked for May. We are a foster family and as it turns out there is a better than average chance that a couple of the kids for whom we are currently caring will get to go home to their parents before the cruise. 🤞 If so, what should we do with their cruise bookings? We are booked in multiple cabins with at least 3 in each. So, the fairs are not the most expensive as they are listed, but we have already paid the port fee and the pre-paid gratuities. If we cancel, would we get the port fee and gratuities back? So, my question is, what is the best course of action for us if the kids don't get to go? 1. Call and cancel their booking. 2. Change the name on the booking and see if we can find someone else to go. 3. Don't do anything. Just have them no-show and just eat the cost of the cruise for them. I hate wasting money. So, paying $500 or so and not having anyone in the cabin kinda irks me. But I also don't want to get robbed by the cruise line.
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