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  1. This is such an unprecedented situation that there is no way for any of these companies, state governments, local officials, etc. to get all of it "right". We are all going to have to have a little more patience and unfortunately have to have expectations of things getting royally screwed up for us in one way or another. I'm sorry OP that this happened to you and probably many more people who were supposed to be sailing yesterday/today. Can they do things better going forward? Yes, everything will be a learning experience for sure.... Will we be able for forgive Carnival and all
  2. We were on the Magic last week for NYE cruise. We met a guy that was on his second leg of his B2B and said they led them all to the MDR and the custom agents came on board and cleared them for their second half.
  3. It looks like I was never charged for the reservation and they still have availability so I will just go ahead and make the reservation now. Thank you all for your help and advice..
  4. So looking back through my emails with them in March, they told me 6:00 was available instead of 5:30 so I said that would be fine and asked them to send me a confirmation email, they did not. So all this time I assumed we had reservations and we don't, lol. Oh well...
  5. So I've booked a reservation for the steakhouse, cheers package, interntet package for 2 of 5 of us and none of this shows up in my cruise planner or cruise manager. Am I looking in the wrong spot?
  6. You guys rock!! I have saved a total so far of $500 on our upcoming December cruise in a matter of 4 days! Thank you all so much for posting codes and the thorough instructions on how to set up the Allstate account, etc. This site has been invaluable in information, opinions, suggestions and cost savings. You all are so appreciated!!
  7. I called and the agent made sure to check for a policy that did not check for pre-existing conditions for non-traveling family members. Very glad I was provided great information from you all. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you all for your in-depth replies on this subject, I truly appreciate it and now I will definitely be calling to talk with someone before purchasing any policy.
  9. Our cruise is at the end of December and my final payment is due on October 15th. My husband and 3 kids (22, 19, 14) will be traveling. I've been looking into purchasing travel insurance through a third party. Should I purchase insurance before I make my final payment or after? Do most of the policies cover cancellations for any reason (FIL is ill and concerned if something happens right before our cruise)? TIA for your help with these questions..
  10. Going on the Magic at the end of December and need to book a room for two different nights as we are flying into Ft. Lauderdale the night before and staying in Ft. Lauderdale the night we return, with an early flight home in the morning. Does anyone have any hotels that they can recommend? Would like to stay within walking distance to the beach and restaurants. Would like a pool and free shuttle to the airport as there will be 5 of us. It will be my dh, myself and my 3 older kids (21, 19, 15). Thank you in advance!!
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