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  1. Forgot to say that we finally got our refund for our May 11th cruise on Tuesday. We have now been fully refunded for all our holiday. Two cruises, air fares, helicopter tours and hotel bookings. We only lost $110 each for this last cruise so I consider ourselves lucky. Hope that everybody else still waiting for theirs receives a refund soon.
  2. If you are in the centre of Melbourne, the getting to the airport in the morning rush will be OK. its the evening rush you will have to worry about. I would love to go into Melbourne at the moment and see what its like deserted. The news footage looks amazing. But at the moment we are not allowed .
  3. Its around 4 hours flight time Melbourne to Auckland and if Ballarat is your last stop an easy 90 minute trip to Melbourne airport. All freeway, but I would avoid the morning rush hour.
  4. We got a full refund for both our Air New Zealand business flights. Melbourne to Honolulu and Calgary to Melbourne and the the Alaskan cruise from Celebrity, this week. These were through flight centre.
  5. Unfortunately some of the TA's in Australia have not treated their clients well in this period. I can more people booking things directly in the future.
  6. Liked the sound of this one so had a look. Can not believe how prices have gone up. We paid AUS$6000 for a 11 day cruise this February. Same cruise in 2022 is AUS$9000.
  7. Edit. Got the shore refund back in May.
  8. Its taken its time as I cancelled when they first started cancelling cruises in April for our May 11th cruise. But just got this from our Australian TA "We are happy to report that your refund is in queue and should appear in your account within the next four weeks." Not sure if the delay has been with Celebrity or the TA. Still waiting for the refund of the shore excursions I cancel early May.
  9. Hey what's this 65 old stuff?? I will be 65 next year and I am not old 🙃
  10. We had a 7 night Alaska cruise and 10 night self drive Vancouver to Calgary all booked this May 😪 Just don't know if or when we can go. Perhaps 2022?
  11. For our May Holiday I have had full refunds through Airbnb and all excursions that I booked direct. Still waiting for a refund on the 2 Celebrity cruises, excursions and the air new Zealand airfare. I still have my Fingers crossed.
  12. I remember doing that on the SS Australis in 1975, Southampton to Melbourne emigrating to Australia. 5 weeks as an19 year old, what a ball. Thought I recognised the X on the funnel.
  13. I have some very dim memories of drinking Leffe. What an awesome brew 😜
  14. Celebrity. May 11th Hawaii to Vancouver cruise. I got the Excursions from this cruise refunded yesterday. Hopefully the TA has got a refund as well. Others in the roll call seem to be getting cruise refunds as well. As I said in the roll call. If All The TA's are getting their customers refunds back in small chunks, it is going to take ages to put it all together and to start refunding people.
  15. After the run around with TA her, with the latest problems I am tempted to direct to Celebrity in the US to book. I would also be tempted to try an American TA if I know of a good one.
  16. Nothing for us either. But no stress I hope that it will eventually happen 🙂
  17. I am now seriously thinking about going cruising again May 2022. If it is not by then, I would hate to think of the mess we will be in. So I for one hope that there will be some great sales on later this year.
  18. The Air New Zealand were cheap non-refundable fares. Though you would think that they would change the rules under the circumstances. Air New Zealand want to charge $600 per person and the TA another $300 person. We took the credit note, though not sure when or how we will use it. Hopefully book some flights early 2022.
  19. We are with them too. They changed the rules last week. So now you can get a full refund on the cruise. For the rest of the holiday they will still take their $600 or you can get a credit voucher. Just went through this with them on Thursday. We took the full refund for the cruise component and a credit voucher for the flights with Air New Zealand. After both the airline and the TA took our their fees for cancelling it was going to cost us $1800. I for one will be changing the way we book in the future.
  20. The TA charging the $300 per person fee, changed their rules on Friday. All cruise line bookings can now be refunded free of charge. All other holiday bookings still have the $300 fee but now capped.
  21. My first thoughts were if they only allowed Australians and New Zealanders onboard they could start up early. But the crew would have to be onboard a month before any cruise started and would there be enough passengers to fill one ship let alone one from each cruise line?
  22. When we were at Hobbiton in early March there was a group of 4 cruise passengers who had hired a car in Tauranga ( I noticed the hire companies had a temporary setup just as you leave the ship there ) They said that they had plenty of time to go to Hobbiton and Rotorua and was under half the price of the ships tour
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