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  1. Just an update on this. My TA followed it up but it turned out it was my computer. Even though it showed I had two perks once I pressed the buy button and filled out the names I was only getting the the base price and no perks. Luckily I put the booking on the 24 hour complementary hold and phoned up Celebrity to check what was going on. One thing I learntbout of it was that the drinks package is costing roughly $300 each for a 10 day cruise, so in our case worth it.
  2. Thanks for all the replies 🙂 Did not know that there is room under the bed so that is great information. Now to work out how to fit all our bags in the hire car after the cruise.
  3. Hi All First trip on the Solstice in Aqua class and we are wondering how big a suitcase can we store? Are better to take one large or two smaller ones? Thanks in advance 🙂 Peter
  4. I take it that everyone just makes a dummy booking on the Celebrity web site to check prices or is there a better way of doing this?
  5. Thanks for the replies 🙂 I am with an Agent so hopefully they will do the right thing. The current offer is cheaper even though it includes the $14 on the drinks package plus has the extra $200 OBC that they are currently offering.
  6. I have just checked a couple of cruises that we are booked on and they have dropped in price. Do I have to get my TA to ask Celebrity to match or can I phone up Celebrity directly and ask them to drop the prices?
  7. If you want the better internet this looks like good value along with the priority boarding and debarkation. You don't have to do the lunch .
  8. Thanks from me too. Very useful for us retiree's 🙂
  9. Did they raise the gratuity instead of giving a pay rise to their staff?
  10. Thanks for all the replies 🙂 especially the one from bonsai3s as this is the exact cruise we are looking to book for May 2020. They have a big sale on right now. 8 night Alska cruise for 2 people with 2 perks is AU$5618 we are thinking of taking the Classic drinks and US$300 credit for the room. The difference in price between Veranda and Concierge is AU$200 and the difference between Veranda and Aqua is AU$400. I will book today as I don't want to miss out. Decisions decisions .
  11. Looking at booking our first cruise. Is it true that Aqua class on the Solstice gets the same type of cabins as Concierge but has the added benefit of Blu But misses out on Concierge's special lounge, lunch and priority boarding on the first day and also priority on the tenders?
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