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  1. Sounds more like “baggage”
  2. I'm planning on chinos, brown shoes and belt and nice complimenting shirt for my Med cruise on Oasis in September. I know enough being fabulous, without having to overdo it.
  3. I'm on the Oasis of the Seas on September 8th (admittedly in a different region entirely to Allure) but booked this because in Europe most schools will have gone back. I am 37 travelling with my 32 year old, 39 year old and 42 year old friends. All people who aren't old but didn't want to travel in peak Summer time for extra cost and to be surrounded by other peoples children.
  4. Hopefully we might start to hear a bit more following today as the first cruise is literally ending now???
  5. Would love to see the cruise compasses, can you send me in the right direction? Maybe a DM as I think I read that Facebook is a dirrty word here?
  6. Annoying as was eyeing this ship for a cruise with my sister and her kids for next Summer, and for such a large group (she has 5 chidlren). Going from Southampton would have been a lot less stress. A few mentions here of MSC being a contributing factor, but unless I'm missing something or I can't work their website. It's not giving me August as an option for cruises when I select Southampton.
  7. Okay, I will take a look, but the secret is, that one of my best friends works for Marriott/Starwood, so I am taking advantage of her Friends & Family Rate. Since they combined they are stupidly big though, so I will see what other hotels in the city fall under their umbrella.
  8. Well that could make for some interesting conversation. Although don't think I will partake.
  9. Like a poster above asked, have you visited any before? For me personally I’m a bit of a ship geek so being on an Oasis Class is one of the main attractions for me, if I’m honest, probably more than the itinerary. Couple this with the fact that I did Rome for a long weekend at the end of December 17 I’ve already decided that will be my “Ship Day” even if the others I am travelling with (we just doubled from 2 to 4) want to go ashore this day, I’m deffo staying aboard the ship. I also had a quick look and I think it’s Palma that is a short day, I think you have to be back aboard by 16:00. So also some extra ship time there!
  10. Also a big fan of Cruise with Ben and David... Although they definitely aren't from London. But yes a fun UK Based Gay Cruise Vlogging couple!!
  11. Departing on Oasis on Sunday 8th September. And planning on flying in early to Barcelona on Saturday. So will need somewhere to stay overnight. On first inspection this hotel looks suitably fabulous. And when I stayed at the W Bangkok I certainly found the same. Has anyone here stayed or visited this hotel?
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