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  1. Interesting observation, I think people certainly have differing opinions on that. I consider myself as European as a French, German or any other Mainland European nation. But I don't think you're alone in your feeling.
  2. This is certainly how I read the announcement on it yesterday when I saw it on Twitter. It's for the larger parent company I believe. I don't think we're about to see this version slapped on the side of the ships and over all the merchandise.
  3. JP82

    Magnifica for sale

    How odd. How does one create and post a listing for a major cruise lines ship by mistake?
  4. JP82

    Magnifica for sale

    An alternative argument, is that Lirica class gives them a frame to accommodate smaller more intimate cruises (although possibly intimate isn't the ideal way forward now) and then they have the mega ships of Meravvilgia and Seaside class. Plus then the smaller but still large Fantasia Class. Maybe it's harder to find a value proposition for the Magnifica sized ships in the line up now, and the potential upcoming downturn for the industry? I mean let's be honest, there's a lot of different conclusions the pen pushers could have been making over the last months.
  5. JP82

    Magnifica for sale

    My thoughts exactly.... I wonder when we can expect an announcement.
  6. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2010/cruise-ship--2-550-3-223-passengers-3697069/ Im not an expert on the older ships.... Is that her?
  7. At the end of the day it's an Internet forum, and you will always get some clashes and friction points. I'm a lowly gold with RCI, but I'm really at the start of my Cruising journey, so I'm not (at this stage) overly fussed about status. But I think I tend to see more negative comments on the Upper tier behaviours from those in higher tiers. If that makes sense? I think it may be because RCI has so many tiers already, that it allows for a little more grouping of people, and I'm sure some people who have done maybe 150 nights in Diamond, feel that they deserve just as much as someone who has done 190 nights in Diamond Plus. And the lines start to blur further up? If that makes sense? I have no problem with the voice of experience, and seeing what things are like for the higher ups. I'm not completely Loyal2Royal at this stage, so not sure the heady heights of Pinnacle are where I'm headed. But I like loyalty schemes, and will move mountains to maintain my British Airways status for example, so definitely enjoy reading about them and peoples experiences on here.
  8. Just stumbled across this video whilst researching potential cabins for Harmony next year. https://youtu.be/ecPuLlU8mII Does anyone know if Harmony has these cabins, and if so... Are they just categorised as standard Oceanviews, and which cabins they would be on the deck plans?
  9. On epic next year, but sailing in a standard Inside rather than a Studio (it was cheaper??). Does this mean I wouldn't be able to use the Solo lounge near the Studio cabins, and attend the solo meetings there?
  10. For the QM2 I have For the QM2 November 2021 that I have now booked. I have booked the Oceanview Single, but I realise now I have booked the one with the "Oblong" porthole rather than the round one which seems to be the better reviewed option. However yes I am a ship geek, so this is really just about getting on baord the ship and exploring and being able to say I have been on her. Then I imagine I will book a TA. Any other experiences will all just be pluses for me and secondary to sailing a Queen. 😃
  11. To that point, what is the memorabilia offering like? I love a good bit of tat!
  12. Nothing else other than what’s been deduced, but that seems to be standard with MSC. People figuring stuff out through little actions and changes here and there before any type of announcement comes along.
  13. Appreciated, but as stated this is a taster cruise for me, and as such I’m happy to go with a short cruise.
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