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  1. I got a reply from celebrity re. my issue joining connections. I was told that I needed to wait till the cruise was 60 days out. i guess that’s their way of saying go away, we don’t know how to make our website work.
  2. thanks, I just tried this on a completely different computer that I have not used for the celebrity website. Tried 2 different browsers and even a VPN with no luck, same results. oh well
  3. I have been trying for a week to sign up for connections on their website and get the error “Cruise Critic Registration is not allowed for bookings in a status other than booked” I have emailed the address supplied on the celebrity page (connections@celebrity.com) as well as the address I got from the celebrity representative on the phone (connections@celebritycruises.com) and both emails were returned as undeliverable. the representative said that last night 11/16-17, they did an update to their website and today they were working on on fixing the problems their update has caused. That does not solve my issue though. Now I have emailed Celebrityonetouch@celebrity.com for a resolution and so far that email has not been returned so we’ll see if that gets anywhere.
  4. Wow, that says a lot. It’s too bad that the injustices of that community interfere with the vacation plans of people with your mindset. I hope that you are never in “that community “.
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