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  1. So sad, scheduled 09-26-2020, but did a Lift and Shift to next September. The RC agent that helped me on the phone today, argued that Rhapsody still leaving from Venice next year! I just finally said "ok"!!
  2. I understand your frustration, we have a cruise Scheduled on Rhapsody(from Venice) Sept. 26, 2020, so final payment is due in two weeks, I just keep going back and forth on what to do. I don't think there is much a chance of it sailing, I just keep wishing. I'm thinking about doing Lift and Shift.
  3. Exactly the same with us, same dates! Received partial payment 05/09, and Full payment today on CC.
  4. Happy to report we have received a partial refund on CC as of yesterday, Galapagos cruise pkg April 23rd sailing, Cancelled March 24th. Received about a 1/4 of the refund due, so hopefully the rest will trickle in shortly!
  5. We are still waiting as well for refund on Galapagos cruise. Requested refund 03-24-20. My question is, can I expect an email from Celebrity when they refund to CC? I have confirmed with Celebrity cruise planner that request was received and was told 30 days, I realize it will be longer.
  6. Great information! We are on Xpedition in April, getting excited now!!!
  7. It's really sad that they are not providing better information. This is a trip you plan for a year or two in advance, and now not knowing, makes it vey difficult. We are booked for April, and I feel uncertain. Hopefully Xpedition will soon be up and running!
  8. We are booked late April, I have been checking Cruise Mapper , Xpedition still in dry dock! Yes it would be nice to have an update!
  9. It is available to book on my Regal cruise next year. I am debating if worth it? The Thalassotherapy pool is heated right? Roberta
  10. Wow, what an Amazing itinerary! Looking forward to following your posts!
  11. Oh my gosh! So happy you were able to book Flora!!! Have a great cruise!
  12. That's too bad, hope you find out soon about your sailing, I feel so bad for you not knowing yea or nay. I see that Xpedition is still in dry dock per cruise mapper/ tracker . Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  13. Wow, I just checked cruise tracker, and too saw that Xp is in Curacao! Hoping for the best. We are booked in April, not sure what to expect.
  14. Looking forward to Rhapsody September 2020, we like the smaller ships.
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