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  1. While I have not researched all the big, new ships...I do recall our Sky Princess cruise in late February-March. The virus was becoming a topic of concern. What made me uncomfortable, even as a "younger" cruiser, was the volume of people on the ship waiting for elevators, cramming into the elevators, standing shoulder to shoulder to watch certain entertainment. The buffet, although a huge area, was chaotic and often difficult to find a table. The assigned dining rooms were a more pleasant option in terms of space. I know all ships have crowded conditions geting on and off for port calls,
  2. At 6:26pm today I got an email that there were infected personnel at the port when we debarked. So I am asked to "self monitor" for 14 days...which ends tomorrow. By the grace of God I am fine, and my 92 year old parents that I have been in contact with are hopefully okay...in their respective nursing homes!! I pray that there are no cases from other passengers from that ship.
  3. We agree with your comments about the theater and the chair situation. Rock Opera needs 45-60 minutes ahead to secure a good seat, 5 Skies 45 minutes, the excellent magician who is very funny (Michael Misko) 30 minutes. I agree that Princess needs to add an extra showing for the big numbers, or at least stream them live into the staterooms. If you go early to get a seat, bring a book to read. We never were able to see any 9pm events at Princess Live or the piazza because there were no seats. Thank good ness the rooms had good movies. Pool chair situation remains really sad. As
  4. We were concerned reading that comment about the dining. Perhaps the dining was so crowded because it was the first night and no one had anything else to do! Thank you for explaining the dining rules.
  5. Is there more than 1 location for the speciality coffees on this ship? The only spot I see on the map is on deck 5.
  6. Yes, that was the name of the only "craft" beer. Not all of the bars carried it, either. I do wish the liquor buyers would have a few choices for customers who like IPA beer.
  7. Does anyone know if the Sky Princess has any craft beers, or any IPA beer? Last year the Caribbean Princess had one "craft" beer by Lagunitas. I am hoping Princess has improved the beer choices, since they have dozens of special hard liquor drinks. Thank you.
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