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  1. We were on 3 cruises in 2019-2020, the longest 18 days, 2 other cruises 15 days. No bugs caught here. Each one of those cruises entailed long flights both coming and going.
  2. I never had a recliner, so couldn’t sleep in one. I had an armchair I sat in during the day, and slept in my bed at night. For some THR procedures (not all), you can’t break a 90 degree restriction, which means your butt cannot drop lower than your knees. You can raise a normal chair on blocks to achieve this. A chair is recommended over a sofa, as you will need the arms of the chair to help boost you up. You also cannot allow your leg to cross the midline of your body. These are to prevent your joint from dislocating. After several weeks, the restrictions are usually lifted.
  3. Mich3554


    It depends on the cruise. Our first cruise, I booked and paid for a V2 and we were upgraded to a DV4, no charge. Next cruise, we had booked a DV2 (all that was available) and was offered a PV1 for $599 pp. I turned down the offer as this cruise was port intensive and we spent little time on the ship. The price we were offered the upgrade was the cost differential between the DV2 and PV1 room list price. Our last cruise, I booked the same DV2 room and was offered an upgrade to PV1 for $199 pp. This we took as there were more sea days and it was a longer cruise. I suspect it has a lot to do with when you book and how popular the cruise is. The first cruise we took was booked about 3 months before it sailed. The second one 10 months, it was a very popular cruise and was booking quickly. The last cruise I booked was spur of the moment, and I booked it about 3 months before it sailed.
  4. I have had 4 hip replacements. My first pair were anterior and posterior. My recovery times for each were virtually identical, I was back at work in 2 weeks.....however, my recovery is NOT normal, average is about 6 weeks. The biggest problem after surgery is the utter exhaustion that hits mid afternoon, and it took me 2-3 months to not crawl under my lab bench at work and take a nap! Just be aware that not everyone is eligible for an anterior surgery, my second hip was funky enough that my surgeon wanted better visualization. Most hips these days are done outpatient, to minimize the problem of picking up a hospital microbe. My second 2 7 years later (my first pair got infected), I had my second hip rereplaced in late Nov. and in Feb. easily went to Mexico. By then, I was able to get around fairly easily but still had some residual weaknesses from multiple surgeries over a short time. I could have easily done a cruise then. Ironically, my last surgery was a 6 hour surgery and I was in the hospital a whopping 20 hours.
  5. We were on the Jupiter in October last year, and then again in Dec/Jan. I don’t remember seeing ANY new staff between the 2 trips, regardless of position.
  6. We did a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia but not as a part of a cruise, but while vacation in Turkey. Since the area is utterly fascinating, we chose to get a private tour guide for this part of our trip (we were in Turkey 3 weeks), and he picked up up and schlepped us all over the area. He also organized our balloon ride, and transported us there and retrieved us. I think we were there 3-4 days. We did this trip in 2009, so long enough ago that I no longer have any info on it. I do know I got the guide’s name and contact info from my friend in Istanbul.
  7. I have been to Istanbul 4 times and each time I go I find more that I missed in previous visits. However, I have a good friend who lives there who takes us off the beaten track. I’ve been to all of the places mentioned above, some multiple times. So much to see....so little time!
  8. We are on this cruise. I’m thinking it is not going to happen either.
  9. The shower size in a DV4 cabin is the exact same size as PV. I’ve stayed in both. Both are roomy. The elevators are VERY quiet. Once your room does closed, you hear nothing.
  10. We were in 4100 on the Sun. No noise at all (in fact, DH was surprised as to how quiet the room was). I don’t remember there being any obstruction to views.
  11. The last few days, I was able to get into My Viking Journey with no issue. There was only 1 of our 3 itineraries on it, so I tried updating with the cruises we have scheduled 11/20 and 10/21 (the 3/21 cruise was already there). My Viking Journey updated ok for the 11/20 cruise, but got the above message when I tried to add the 10/21 cruise.
  12. I imagine they are. That would be the only reason that they could congregate like this safely.
  13. When we went, we flew Seattle-Amsterdam-Bergen, and flew through Barcelona-Paris-Seattle on our way home. Luckily, only 2 flights each direction. I do appreciate now living near an international hub, it wasn’t always that way. We went Bergen to Barcelona last Oct and did not pass through the straits of Gilbraltar in daylight. Maybe the other direction?
  14. Emirates flies the route Dubai to Seattle. It is 14 butt numbing hours that goes over the pole. We did this a few years ago, no refueling.
  15. Mich3554


    We were in 5089 and did not have an overhang on the balcony.
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