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  1. We applied for an electronic visa for Turkey July 2019. In pre covid times, you get the results immediately. I think it took me a whopping 15 min to apply, receive and print out 2 visa….and this was after a false start with a procurement site.
  2. In the past, we have done a mixture of included and paid excursions. From what I remember, the costs of the paid excursions range from about $59 pp to $179 pp. Our last 2 cruises were 15 and 18 days respectively. The first was more port intensive, but during each cruise we paid around $1500 in excursions for both of us combined. You can go nuts with choosing paid excursions, but we chose what interested us, and things neither of us had seen. Some of the more memorable excursions we did were Stonehenge and Salisbury (lunch included), Monet’s home and gardens (lunch inc
  3. I think on one cruise we were on, with a crappy day (I don’t remember if it was because we missed a port or just lousy weather), they streamed a Met Opera in the Star Theatre one afternoon. It previously was not on the schedule.
  4. We have a dive trip planned to Fiji, which was punted from May 2020 to June 2021 to Sept 2021 and now Sept 2022. Fiji isn’t open to non nationals and PADI can’t even guess when it will open. Rumor has it that when it does open to non nationals, it will be only those from New Zealand or Australia. Who knows though?
  5. When we picked up wine in Chile before our South America cruise, we just laid a bottle on top of the stuff in the fridge. On the days we started cooling down a bottle we brought on board, our cabin steward provided a wine set up for us without us needing to even ask.
  6. They change every few days, and between cruises. So what was on our cruise of South America may not be on your cruise in the Med.
  7. I booked our flights for our Oct 31 cruise out of Athen on the Jupiter. The agent I used for our flights had us arriving on the 31st from Seattle. That was too tight for my comfort, so we are arriving on the 28th instead. We will figure out something to do in Athens for a few days. IMNSHO, arriving so close to a sailing just ramps up the stress 100 fold. It doesn’t take many glitches to miss the ship.
  8. Viking provides fantastic hair dryers. I keep forgetting to get a model number on them to buy one myself.
  9. I was in Scotland many years ago, in July. I had a research meeting in Glasgow, and after the meeting rented a car and toured around the country. We did take a few days and went to Inverness. We also went looking for Nessie. I think we saw her ;). The only hotel we stayed in was the convention hotel in Glasgow. We had a Bed and Breakfast book (it was one released yearly where the places had been vetted beforehand) and called for lodging the night before we left as we had no set schedules. While I would like to do this again, I am not sure I would do it without an itinerary an
  10. What we do is check our bar tab on tv when we get back to our room each evening. Doing it while you remember is easier than taking an accounting at the end of the cruise. Then we know that we had a vodka tonic and a scotch pre dinner and 2 glasses of wine during a show. TBH, I don’t remember any discrepancies.
  11. So does DH. When he starts kicking, I move waaay over to my side of the bed. I’ve woken up with too many bruised shins. Luckily, the drug he is on has cut these episodes by about 90%. His kicking wakes him up, then he can’t get back to sleep and winds up utterl6 exhausted. RLS is horrible.
  12. We have been on 3 Viking ocean cruises and have found that a la carte works for us. We never denied ourselves anything either. Our last cruise we did supplement our bar tab with wines we picked up in Chile, and our bar tab at the end of the cruise was about half of what the SS package cost.
  13. We booked on Vikings 22-23 WC a few weeks after it came out. While we didn’t get our preferred cabin, we got one not too far from it. Not long afterwards it was sold out, but in the meantime I DID notice some of the perks for booking when I did decreased from when I booked for us. We did get a discount for booking early and having cruises scheduled. TBH, I can’t tell you how much it was off the top of my head. We also used one of our 125% vouchers for a cruise we had already scheduled against it….which helped a little. When a WC came on my radar, DH was “nope, no wa
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