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  1. Curious as well - what were your thoughts?
  2. The trolley in Bar Harbor sounds so cliche, but it is great and I recommend the 4.5 hour tour if you are wanting to get out and see the stops. It has 30 minute stops and the other one only 15 minute stops - too fast in my opinion.
  3. We are ornament collectors and Bar Harbor has several good options. I also enjoyed buying several blueberry items to take with me and eat.
  4. We were very close to port. And yes it was a medical emergency. Given the speed at which they had to call them in may point to seriousness.
  5. Eager to know this myself as our family enjoys hiking and photographing.
  6. J_Kepler

    Twizy Rental info

    I think $150 ish per day?
  7. J_Kepler

    Twizy Rental info

    The left side doesn't bother me (of course I am always more worried about the other drivers) I drove for weeks in Grenda which is also left side and very very bad roads. The only thing for me is being able to get out early before sunset to get images.
  8. Those are great drycleaning prices
  9. J_Kepler

    Twizy Rental info

    I can tell you what we are thinking and I have never been to Bermuda. We arrive on a Wed. We are headed to Hamilton that day to check out the street scene. That would be a 45-minute drive. I would rather not drive but take the ferry. We plan to rent the vehicle in the afternoon of Day 2 and enjoy driving around through the evening and then through the next day at the same time. I plan to do sunrise and sunset photography on those days. I will only be doing a one-day rental.
  10. Sorry to hear of the hiccups to your vacation. I am glad to hear the entertainment was very enjoyable because that is what I am least excited about heading into the cruise (I am crazy excited but this is at the lowest part of my expectations list)
  11. I haven't seen any effect on the current cruises or heard of plans altering, I can see that the weather continues to be nice there. high 70's and normal precipitation chances. Looks like even the ships there now will have a smooth go...I not sure what this does to the ocean itself though, I would imagine that it gets a bit rougher.
  12. Let me state it again so that all those of you who are going absolutely facebook over my comments. The unOfficial Disney Hurricane Strategy When a hurricane is headed for Florida, people hear "Disney". If the hurricane is headed to Pensacola that isn't Orlando. Hitting Jacksonville? Again not Orlando. People hear Florida they hear Disney If a CAT 4/5 eye is headed for Orlando avoid it. Consider avoiding if Tampa is getting hit by a 4/5. But even a CAT 3 headed for Disney will drop well below a 1 by the time it reaches Orlando. It lasts for a half day- one day and then it is gone leaving low humidity and clear skies for several days. Understand Disney has only closed FOUR times in its history (we were there for one of those and it was for a hurricane.) So describing me as thoughtless would be also describing Disney thoughtless. Not really a well thought out jab......actually kind of thoughtless :-)
  13. Just adding some fuel to the fire. You can get the intercontinental hotel in bora bora for around or under a $1000 per night.
  14. Yes. We are going to mix and match our travel and rent a couple at different times. Having kids 8 years apart is tricky - very different activities. My daughter and I are super adventurous and mom and youngest less so. Do wish they would have a 4 seat option at some point.
  15. I always like insurance data because they are motivated by money to get it right. https://www.wsbradio.com/weather/hurricanes/florida-safest-cities-hurricane/6aMejzEg9pmqy2WIVyPoYO/
  16. My wife is from Charleston and no I don't mean Bermuda before/during/after a hurricane but Orlando is SO far inland and is rarely in the path anyway that the hype runs everyone away. Definitely steer clear of hurricane areas during the hurricane, but don't avoid Disney.
  17. Thanks for the input. We were considering the buses but now we are considering the minibus option (and a twizzy rental in there as well)
  18. Do you like buses or the mini buses? He liked the mini buses but I think he was a solo traveler. We are a family of 4 and we are planning a bunch of trips all over the island during our 3 days there.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGJ-nSys70c This has been good information.
  20. We are on the Celebrity same time and it should be amazing. Weather following these storms/depressions is often amazing. We were at Disney for a hurricane and I HIGHLY recommend it.
  21. As someone who does an edit of a video here and there...very well done.
  22. I would describe that as within range of normal pricing for a 45 minute zip line experience. Overall I think it would be more fun in the mountains here in the Midwest than just flying high above an island.
  23. Agreed. It only works if they sell. Since we don't necessarily want Cabanas, in a way I am glad they are selling well at high prices...I always see that as keeping my prices low for what I want to do 😄 😄 😄 However, what is the price of the zip line again?
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