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  1. We normally just fill up at the water stations, would never think about boiling water to much hassle, bottled water on explorer 2 was part of the package we bought so we was well stocked.
  2. No Caribbean cruises than for 2022
  3. you would expect smaller companies to be more in touch with there customers and the services they offer more Intune with there market segment, but would we pay the extra for that bit more special treatment i doubt it unless it was a special occasion, saying that each to there own at least there is a choice now long may it continue assuming there are any company's left next year.
  4. Not really comparing like with like, but we only ever book cruises on itinerary and price so have no real affinity with any cruise line just particular ships.
  5. Bit like carry on camping
  6. We let them win let the lesser teams have a chance
  7. Oops sorry thought you was from dragon country
  8. Sorry no people from across the border your in lockdown
  9. Sorry my friend no cruising for you this year to far north
  10. I’m flexible just move the border that’s sorted
  11. My view is ban those living areas north of stoke and those south of Watford from cruising and those who are left should be safe to cruise.
  12. Bit of a stretch there’re Harry but I will stick to my definition based on 60 years experience
  13. To be honest Harry me being the victim of racist comments most of my life my father being a black Jamaican, I have yet to read what I classify as being a racist comment on this thread but my classification is obviously different from yours.
  14. I know that but alas the closest private school to us we burnt it down hahahahaha
  15. School dinners I remember when us poor kids used to look through the windows of the local grammar school seeing what the rich kids consumed.
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