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  1. Never really been a wine drinker, it’s just something I keep in the house in case guests want a drink, the glasses were the last thing I got from green shield stamps.
  2. we have a princess cruise booked next year depending how the world is going might book another, but 2023 is a bit far of for us at the moment.
  3. I really cannot see the argument for not having a vaccination passport makes life a lot easier all around.
  4. We had our second jabs mine was the Pfizer beloveds Astra apart from me running around screaming about the size of the needle, no side effects
  5. We prefer just to do the 14 nights on a cruise, funnily enough we’re doing that next year on Princess
  6. One thing I have noticed those who have actually visited by cruise ship are those most vocal to stop cruise ships stopping there.
  7. We prefer balcony cabins being an early riser there is nothing better than sitting on the balcony having a coffee in the morning, saying that there was complaints about me sitting out there in my underwear.
  8. I actually thought we had a new cruise line 🤪 but we actually like Marella cruises and we really enjoyed our cruise with them.
  9. People seam to forget the Italian and German companies are already running cruises successfully, and there vaccinations are way behind ours so I would think P&O would pick up some useful tips from them.
  10. If it’s rains whilst we’re cruising around the UK we actually don’t really care, we will sit back depending on time of day have a drink and watch the world go by.
  11. Actually who knows what the price would have been, we have hopefully come out of a pandemic and we need a holiday.
  12. The company made a decision very early to change some of the cruises, unfortunate for those who cannot make it but like I said earlier, the decision was made early so should not stop those who wish to book with other companies, those who never intended to go on them will take the opportunity to attack the company, but luckily for us we’re happy to do seven days rather than the 3 we had booked.
  13. Tried to get online my internet provider is having problems AGAIN
  14. No problem if premier inns is your thing great but you missed my point, that type of a holiday is not for us one night before a flight/cruise is enough for us in a premier inn.
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