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  1. We are off on a cruise next week so already purchased our pcr tests, so the new rules would have been good a few weeks back
  2. Nope stick to the past it was better than
  3. How lucky was you having your own swamp and a newspaper, my parents we’re good to us they used to leave us alone probably for weeks on end, but I used to enjoy the clear soup my mother used to make, until I realised it was warm water
  4. Our special meal was fish and chips and if we was lucky mushy peas all wrapped in a newspaper
  5. Nope that would do my back in
  6. I believe that if p&o wish to reduce the negativity they draw they should get rid of the two smallest ships, than you will find all the negativity would disappear
  7. Nope I’m one of those annoying types
  8. Please stop being sensible in your replies
  9. Beloved wants to know was it Cadbury chocolate used
  10. Steerage class lucky you we’re having to stoke the boilers to pay for our cruise
  11. I could do that help pay for our next cruise
  12. What standards are those us being reasonably new cruising and enjoying the experience, we would like to know what we missed out on
  13. Me no I personally think p&o are making cruising more affordable and as far as I am concerned standards are not slipping, but saying that we are not long time cruisers, you will find the most complaints come from the seasoned cruisers who wish to return to the good old days.
  14. Your wrong if you have money your entitled to be treated that much better than the lower classes, hence why the slow deterioration in the standards on p&o can be attributed to a certain type
  15. The legendary chair hogs, you get them no matter what type of holidays your on
  16. We are on that cruise as far as I know wearing of face masks is still required
  17. Interesting how P&O are dammed whatever they try to do.
  18. We received an email explaining what was required, we booked our pcr tests received the confirmation code and completed our plf and even booked our seats, we are not alone in completing all the stages on another site dedicated to the TA the bulk of them have completed the above steps, it as been a long drawn out procedure but we are living in difficult times.
  19. Bazrat


    The problem seams to be generally across all the flights, we are still trying to book our seats back from the Caribbean
  20. don’t forget this is one person’s opinion, on other well known sites you will find lots of people who enjoyed there cruise
  21. Roughly about the time we kick off because of sky sports
  22. Listen are you after my job, I’m the one to antagonise the seasoned cruisers on here 🤣🤣🤣
  23. That’s good enough for me than
  24. So p&o are the equivalent of pontin’s at sea
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