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  1. I have a feeling (no inside info) that the Encore will stay on the Pacific side of the Canal. Sending the Bliss through the Panama Canal to the Pacific and the Encore East into the Atlantic at the same time would be very expensive. It would be nice to see the Encore on the West Coast after the Alaska Season.
  2. I have been hoping to see where they will preform. We will on the Bliss in Dec (Mex). I love watching them preform.
  3. With the Bliss in the Atlantic and the Encore in the Pacific at the end of the Alaska season, it would be expensive to send both them through the Canal without passengers. I hope at least one does a passenger cruise through the Canal.
  4. Where will the Encore be going after the Alaska season?
  5. I wonder if this will carry over to the Mex Rivera in the fall/winter?
  6. They are finished with Alaska on Sept 24th and are scheduled to start out of Miami on Oct 26th. There is a month window with no scheduled cruises. I was looking for what it may be doing in that time frame. I know to cruise out of Miami they will probably go through the Panama Canal, but that is not on the Summit's Itineraries.
  7. Does anyone have any idea what the Summit Itineraries are after the Alaska season Cruises?
  8. Thanks. That accounts for just under half of the missing dates. Will be interesting to see what happens to the Bliss 10/23 to 10/31.
  9. The Bliss gets in to SEA off and Alaska Cruise on 10/23 and doesn't sale again until Nov 7 out of LA for a 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise. I see weather limiting them in Alaska and I don't see them leaving the ship idle for two plus weeks. I don't believe that they can do a Pacific Coast cruise even with the current temporary modification of the PVSA without going into a Canadian or Mexican port. With Canada's current Covid restrictions, I don't see that happening in Canada. What I would like to see is a Pacific Coast (repositioning) leaving from Seattle including Cabo and ending in LA.
  10. When we went through on the NCL Jewel in 2016, someone from the Canal Authority came on board and narrated on the PA of the ship. It was very informative. They also played a 1 hour long video repeatedly a day or two prior (on a special tv channel). Both were very informative. They came on in a pilot tug boat like vessel upon our entry and left as we exited the Canal. They spoke throughout our transit.
  11. I know the Millennium will be doing Hero cruises out of Los Angeles until 4/10 & will be doing Pacific Coast cruises starting 4/20 out of Seattle. I just am having trouble finding out where it will be between the 10th and the 20th.
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