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  1. Thanks, was not sure if I could cancel it.
  2. Do you think we should jump on the drink plan sale now? or will be possibly a better deal for black friday? Thanks
  3. We are mixed, so hope that’s not an issue either
  4. We’ve booked an MSC cruise for Xmas time out of Miami, and although the adults are 2x vaxxed, our kids are under 7 most likely will not be by then. thoughts? I know we can’t predict, but What do you think the borders and quarantining will be like by then? Anyone else in similar position? Final payment is in sept, so we have a couple months.
  5. My son has a severe peanut allergy and my mom requires assistance getting on and off the ship. How is MSC with special need accommodations.? thank you.
  6. Taken on a 12 day in feb 2020. I didn’t get all menus. Sorry, I don’t know which days were which picture
  7. For the pavilion on the Joy. The cost is $29/hour. $49/per day and I believe $199 for entire cruise. Does not include any arcade games, there is a separate package for that. I don’t recall the cost.
  8. On joy now and they do open, but the attendant will not open them due to safety reasons. I believe this is fleet wide.
  9. Looking for a place to rent a car other than hertz as they are booked up. Thanks.
  10. 1. The $20 laundry bag, is there a limit of one per cabin? 2. Has anyone had any luck with getting a credit if the cruise fare has discounted after final payment? specifically this recent 30% off fare. Thank you in advance.
  11. Bumping this up, as I also would like to know. Thanks
  12. Our son has a peanut allergy and NCL was great with allergies. Be sure to fill out this form https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/case-submission/ad-cust-cases-us and inform them of the allergies. Once you get on board, speak with the restaurant manager.
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