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  1. I like how people are talking about being on lots of cruises and never seeing a fight. We were on our first cruise ever on the Carnival Magic in August. While on an excursion at Amber Cove during the lunch served on the excursion two ladies from the same cruise got into a fight. Several people from the excursion got called in to break them up.
  2. I was on the Magic 4 weeks ago. We had the social internet plan. We had no problem at all, Whatsapp both text and pics worked pretty quick. Since we had the plan, occasionally I would monitor Facebook, things like pics and vids took awhile to load, but would eventually come in. Was able to check in for our return flights with Southwest Airlines with no problem, clicked at the 24 hour mark and got the checkin right away. On Grand Turk we just did a beach day. At Amber Cove, we did the Big 3 adventure that included both a ropes course and zip-lining over the ocean. W
  3. When my son was on the Magic a month ago we tried to find a model of the ship. We were shocked that we couldn't find a ships model. The only thing we found was a blow up toy. He specifically wanted one shaped like the Magic. The only things we can find online are real expensive models similar to what you would put somewhere on the ship as a display. He was looking more for either a Lego version, a toy, or something like he got on the USS New Jersey, a small metal version of the ship.
  4. Disembarkation and Everglades Excursion When we originally booked our airline tickets we were supposed to have a 1:00 p.m. departure from Ft. Lauderdale. A month before the cruise we were told that due to the 737 Max issues we were bumped to a 4:15 flight. Due to that we had a tough time figuring out what to do on our final day. We knew that if we got to the airport to early they wouldn't even accept our bags and we knew we couldn't delay getting off the ship that long. We found the Everglades experience through Carnival and decided to try that. They take you to a l
  5. Yes HMC requires a tender. Never had FTTF, but I don't think it allows you to skip the line, but it give allows you to get a higher boarding number, but no differences back from the island.
  6. I was in B4 3 weeks ago. B3 is in Northern Lights Dining room, the mid-ship dining room, lower level. B4 was on the upper level of the dining room.
  7. My wife and daughter did go to the shopping talk. They even bought the book. They wanted to get as many deals and free things as they could. I think you don't have to for the bracelet and the charms, but there are additional things you can get for "free" by picking up the coupon book. They also gave a couple charms for just attending the talk.
  8. In our cabin the TV came with two remotes, one to turn on and off the TV and the other to change the channel. When we couldn't find the one to turn on and off the TV we looked to see if there was a power button on the TV itself and couldn't find ANYTHING. No buttons or places to plug things in other then what they used to plug in the box itself, not sure what type of connector that was.
  9. Today's topic will just be a catch-all for all the remaining items that we did on the ship except for Disembarkation and our Ft. Lauderdale excursion. Hasbro Game Show On the final sea-day we attended the Hasbro Game Show. My daughter is REALLY into game shows. She loves watching any type of game show she can so we went to this. Just as a warning, make sure you sit in the main theater area, not on the balconies. The cruise director was the MC for the event and he specifically said that all people selected for the game would only come from the main floor, but could be ANYW
  10. The biggest way to save money would be to not dump grey water, sewage, trash where they aren’t allowed to. Would save lawyer fees, fines, and bad publicity.
  11. If you are talking the whale tail cup, we got one on the Magic 3 weeks ago. Not all of the bars have them. The bars on Lido had that one. The mirror ball one seemed to be available in the theatre, I know the people taking drink orders had them.
  12. Amber Cove & Big 3 Excursion While preparing for the cruise we decided that we would save our actual paid excursion for Amber Cove. We weren't real excited to just hang out by a big pool for the day and one of my kids was to young for the zip line at the port so we figured we do beach days at the other two ports and do an excursion at Amber Cove. We had a tough time deciding between the zip line adventures and the water fall adventure. When we opened the choice up to the kids they picked the zip-line adventure. There were 3 different zip-line adventures and we re
  13. I went on it once and didn't have any problems with it, but didn't do it again because I was getting hot. The interesting thing is that my son claims he is afraid of heights but he had no problem doing it multiple times. In a future post I will be talking about our adventure on a zip-line/ropes course at Amber Cove.
  14. Grand Turk We weren't due to pull into our next port until 11:00 a.m. so it was a slow morning getting ready. Went to the MDR for breakfast and slowly got ready. As we were pulling in we noticed that we were pulling in with the Carnival Pride. That was special for us since we live in the Baltimore area and see the Pride in port all the time (just this past weekend we saw both the Pride in port and the Grandeur of the Seas anchored off-shore due to its engine problems.) Although we were excited to see the Pride we knew that since the Pride was already in port that
  15. According to Holland America cruise lines there was only minor beach erosion that will be fixed.
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