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  1. Well maybe it wasn’t a glitch. As of today there is only one May cruise.
  2. Well heck I see 41. Maybe it was a temporary glitch. It kept saying oops I don’t see any cruises.
  3. Checked the Carnival website and they are showing no cruises available for May 2021. I’m feel confident that my May 2021 Alaska cruise will be canceled, but it seems that I’d there is not a single May cruise available then they already know.
  4. Ok did a quick comparison. Early Saver, RU9, RU2 I already have a 7 day cruise booked for May 2021, I included trip insurance and gratuities, booking same class Ocean View room. With my VIFP# Early Saver Rate is 2310.00 ( currently booked ) Using my RU9 rate: 3212.00 Using my wifes RU2 rate: 2632.00 It looks like the RU9 for me is not a good deal, I would be better off buying cheers as an add on. It looks like my wifes RU2 rate would be pretty much a buy one Cheers get one free. Not bad. Just what I came up with. It would appear that if you
  5. I would do it and I bet it would be a fun time.
  6. Still booked for May, although havent done anything about excursions.
  7. I know it is not a cruise ship but the local AYCE Chinese Buffets opened here today in North Alabama. If that turns out to be successful, I don’t know why the cruise lines couldn’t do it.
  8. I feel pretty good about it. Sailing from Seattle to Alaska in May 2021. How do you feel about it?
  9. I have watched this thread and it is interesting. We canceled our cruise on 3/12. I did it on the phone and took meticulous notes. I was told we would see a refund for excursions and prepurchases in 3 days and a refund for the cruise in 7-10 days. We did get the excursion refund and that is all so far. I had a FCC from another cruise that the moved to a May 2021 cruise and they even called me the next day to let me know it was done. So moving from 7-10 days to 90 is disappointing.
  10. This may get answered when I click the link in my email from Carnival about my canceled cruise. Unfortunately my March 28 cruise was canceled which leaves me with the two options. I already have a cruise booked to Alaska for 2021. I am wondering if I can just take the FCC from the cancellation and apply it to the 2021 Alaska cruise. Otherwise I guess I could just get a refund, but that would make me lose my on board credit from the cancellation, or I guess I could book another cruise. I would really just like to apply it to 2021 and then I can shop for a cruise to fill the void in between.
  11. We are leaving out of New Orleans March 28, unless Carnival Cancels the cruise, or the Port of New Orleans closes. I figure it will be the cleanest ship we may ever have the opportunity to sail on. We can drive there so no issues with flights.
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