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  1. I truly appreciate everyone's advice& wisdom. I decided to cancel the cruise this week. It is the peace of mind I need as my treatment is ongoing and condition uncertain. I wish cruises were the kind of thing we could do spur of the moment or with just a month or two notice. I'd booked a full suite on a Alaska Inner Passage land tour/cruise. Happy cruising to you all!
  2. Thanks everyone. I booked directly in April and then transferred to a TA. I did contact her and she's exploring possibilities, too.
  3. I have read and reread posts re pre-existing conditions and am not understanding it. This is my situation - 1st time cruisers, we are booked for 8/20 Alaska Land-Cruise on Coral. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer a year ago, before purchase of the cruise (this is a bucket-list trip, for sure, lol!). So that's a pre-existing condition, clearly. This week, I found out I have a recurrence and will undergo more treatment. In short, I have no idea how I will be in August 2020. Anything can happen with the cancer I have. I may be in treatment, I may not be alive, I may be fine to travel. I have no idea how to look at cancellation insurance and medical insurance for anything that might happen on the cruise. I know we need it for my spouse and my teenage son. I've read some of you prefer to use insurance other than Princess. How do you recommend I approach this? Thank you in advance for your guidance.
  4. Thank you - that's very helpful. I'll skip.
  5. DS 17 has a fear of heights. I'm pretty sure the Yukon Suspension Bridge will be out. Does the bridge sway when folks are walking across? I would assume so. About how long is the walk across and back? Maybe I'd walk over and leave him on solid land. Thanks.
  6. Congratulations!!! I've been battling mucosal melanoma for a year and booked a 8/20 Alaska cruise (our 1st cruise). Your wife is brave. Bravo to you, too! I know it's a scary journey. You inspired me to consider something more adventurous than a whale watch!!! Now to convince DS17 & spouse! I think we'll skip the zip-line though, lol!
  7. I had the same savings - $200 OBC & same gratuities. However our suite went up. So total savings, after taxes, etc was $167. Savings are savings!
  8. Just reading this and it makes sense (we’ve just booked our 1st cruise). So about 20 min to change bedding, etc & clean/vacuum/sterilize a cabin? That doesn’t seem possible to get it clean in that amount of time. I’m packing wipes, lol!
  9. I’m scared of this, too, having never cruised. I booked us on an Alaska Inner Passage Cruise August 2020, midship, because the ship doesn’t sail on open waters. It’s protected. I haven’t had an attack since 5/18. I cut out caffeine 100%. My last few attacks were after less than 1/2 cup of coffee. I keep my salt even throughout the day & zero alcohol. I never drank much but had an attack after less than a 1/2 glass of white wine so that’s out. Good luck!
  10. I posted earlier that I did transfer to a TA earlier tonight. She gave me $950 in OBC/cash card and a coupon book. We are in a suite so our 1st night specialty meals will be included. Thanks!
  11. Transferred to a TA and received $950 OBC/cash card (my choice of how to split it). That's great and I'll keep an eye out for what your described above, Coral. Thank you.
  12. Thanks! I think we have some special dinner 1st night because we booked a suite but will check it out. I wish we could move it to this August, instead of 2020!
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