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  1. Stairs are an issue for me, but I would still pick a CL! There is a hand rail and a ledge on the opposite side that make the stairs doable for me. I agree with all the comments stated about Deck 17 but the main reason I would pick the CL is this view:
  2. If I did this correctly, the article is attached. Wash Post Article.docx
  3. 2:30 is the earliest check in available for Symphony 11/7. My guess is that they want to ensure the rooms are ready so there are no crowds of passengers waiting for rooms to open.
  4. I have deliberately stayed out of the mask debate until now, preferring to do my own research. To date this is what the information I have gathered. There is a huge difference in masks depending on what kind you are using. N95 Masks are designed for contaminated environments. These masks are vented to breathe straight out without any filtration. They do not filter the air on the way out, they aren't designed to do so. These masks do not protect persons you come into contact with. Surgical Masks are designed for Sterile environments. These masks are quickly clogged
  5. John, You might want to try it on a different browser. It just worked for me on Chrome.
  6. My husband used a motorized scooter. There was never a problem getting a scooter on a tender in Grand Cayman. They simply keep the scooter in the front to avoid stairs. Tender operators are most helpful in this process.
  7. Twangster thanks so much for posting your pictures and video, the only description that comes to mind is breath taking.
  8. According to ADA you do not have to wear a mask, Cruise ships are required to comply with A.D.A. "I am exempt from any ordinance requiring the use of a face mask. Wearing a face mask poses a mental and/or physical risk to me. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, I am not required to disclose my medical conditions." Department of Justice A.D.A. Violation Reporting Number: 800-514-0301
  9. I guess we had different experiences...for me Amex was like family. While I agree many lost their jobs, the company tended to release the older workers in favor of the newer less expensive, it was not who did a better job.
  10. Wow, your experience was very different than mine. I am retired with health insurance and my Amex Pension. I was well compensated to work there!
  11. Me too! Thirty Eight years in Plantation in the Credit Department.
  12. I met Chris on the 2/23 sailing of Oasis, at that time he anticipated going home in a few weeks, so it appears he is going home in the first group since his contract has ended.
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