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  1. I asked for my refund the minute they announced the last round of cancellations (about 9 or 10 days ago) for our June cruise. taking the advice of a couple of people here I immediately did a charge back with Amex. Just like those who suggested the charge back would speed things along I got my full refund yesterday. I am not saying there is causation, but I definitely think there is correlation. YMMV
  2. If I am choosing a refund instead of FCC, do I still need to go through my TA to do so, or can i use the link on the RCL site?
  3. I was about to post the same thing. I figured they got mad at me and booted me from Crown and Anchor. Am I missing something or is there a way to just submit it once for all the bookings you check. it seems crazy to have to re-enter it each time I look at a cruise.
  4. I wont go into the same lengthy wait times I experienced that everyone else has. Suffice it to say, I tried to lift and shift a cruise that is going to be cancelled in the next go round. Six-nighter. There are only seven-nighters in the four week window available for my itinerary. Matter of fact there is only one six-nighter in the entire world during that time frame. If they couldn't do the swap straight up, I offered to pay the difference for the one night extra. They said nope and nope. I told them then I would take my cash refund next week. If they had never offered this then it wouldn't concern me, but to offer it and then not offer anything I could swap to annoyed me. Maybe it shouldn't but it does. They don't need my cash.
  5. I totally get you. The truth is none of us know the future. I am certainly not looking to convince anyone of anything. To each our own. I was just responding to why my thoughts were what they are currently.
  6. it makes no difference what the cost of the next booking is. Its like you are trying to do math without using the order of operations. I paid x for a cruise. Cruise cancels and I get 1.25x. I now book cruise y. I am not getting 25% off the price of y. I am using 1.25x to pay for y. The fact that y might be higher than x doesn't change the fact that I have 25% more x than I initially started with. What if y is less than x?
  7. I'm not saying its a good or bad investment as a company. I was just commenting that based on my research the risk of bankruptcy today is low. They have a product/service they can use to generate cash flow (future bookings) to supplement their current cash reserves which are significant. This is a major advantage over say a restaurant chain who has its door shut. I'm not saying they wont go belly-up (they are adding debt to weather the storm), it is always a possibility and i definitely wouldn't book a $10k cruise right now but $1500 is within my risk tolerance zone.
  8. If you moved into oil be very conscious of the contango. Futures are currently trading significantly above spot.
  9. Best bet is to read the analyst recommendations on the stock. They have more detailed financial info and the experience to decipher it. Bankruptcy is always a possibility. Currently no analyst who covers the stock has it on a sell recommendation so they are seeing a very small to zero chance as of now of bankruptcy. Analysts Recommendations current 1 Month Ago 3 Months Ago BUY 10 11 N/A OVERWEIGHT 0 1 N/A HOLD 6 7 N/A UNDERWEIGHT 1 0 N/A SELL 0 0 N/A
  10. Thanks for sharing. Your opinion is of great value to me.
  11. The latest financials I saw showed they drew down on 3.5 billion of lines of credit and with everything shutdown have a estimated cash burn rate off about 110 - 150 million a month. See analyst notes below. Royal Caribbean price target lowered to $62 from $66 at Nomura Instinet 04/08 RCL Nomura Instinet analyst Harry Curtis lowered the firm's price target on Royal Caribbean (RCL) to $62 from $66 and keeps a Buy rating on the shares. Based on the analyst's new cash burn and recovery forecasts for the cruise industry through 2023, he believes that Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) and Carnival (CCL) have liquidity/borrowing capacity to survive "near-zero revenues" through Q1 of 2021. Curtis sees a low risk of bankruptcies for the group.Read more at:https://thefly.com/landingPageNews.php?id=3068926
  12. its the normal, no discount pricing. Like 8.99 for soda, 28.99 for refreshment range of pricing.
  13. I saw lots of people using the exact same word, "gullible", when the market was cratering 6 weeks ago and I was buying. Gullible would be giving RCL an interest free loan on the hopes a ship sails. Giving RCL a loan at a guaranteed 25% rate of return is a use of capital with a significant upside to downside ratio. But hey, to each their own.
  14. We sail at least once a year so the risk : reward works for us. If by some craziness she does sail then it will be a great way to shake off the quarantine blues.
  15. With discounts it was $341 each for me, wife and teen daughter plus taxes for a guaranteed neighborhood balcony. Its the last week of school up here, but since school is basically online I figured cutting the last week wont make a difference. Of course, I still have no belief it will actually sail.
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