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  1. LOL Sorry about that. You wouldn't have had to get more specific had I read your post more carefully.
  2. your drinks will be covered in the specialty restaurants. I don't think it covers flights like in the mojito bar
  3. I have to disagree with you there. If I get up to use the bathroom I expect my chair to be left alone till I get back. It would be one thing if your husband took off to grab lunch for the two of you but the bathroom?
  4. Every ship we have been on has the single cup coffee makers in the balcony suites. The one with the little pillow looking thing. Not K-cups.
  5. But what if it is beyond your nose? What if you are asymptomatic and make someone sick who's vaccine happens to be of the 5%? I wish they would give an antibody test instead.
  6. The last cruise we took was to Alaska and Ketchikan was great. I absolutely will not book any cruise line that doesn't dock right there in Ketchikan after reading all of this info. Odds are NCL will wise up to the mistake they made with this one unless they build a high speed rail or help develop the area.
  7. I agree. I would be way more comfortable with a 13 yr old being among 10-14 than 15-17.
  8. I know they asked for my ins provider when I registered and made an appointment with a drive thru station to be vaccinated. I am pretty sure my insurance now has a record of my vaccination because if you have insurance they did to my understanding pay something toward the vaccine. That doesn't mean ships would have access to that info though.
  9. Take another picture of yourself on your computer making sure that your eyes are visible. Then you should be able to save that picture as a screen shot or to a file. Pay attention to where the file is located ( photos, desktop, downloads etc). Now when you go to the NCL site where you put your picture click upload new and you should be able to find the location you put the picture. Double click it and it should upload to the NCL site. Other than that just click on the camera and it should take your picture and put it there for you.
  10. Yes they will take your picture at the port. It may take a minute or two longer but you are on vacation...all you have is time.
  11. It is the same way i the US. I tried applying both and it wouldn't let me. I called and let the NCL rep do it.
  12. Unless it is the same ship, same cabin class. I just switched to a lower deck and still have the same res.# plus I saved I think a dollar fifty! 🙂
  13. From what I understand they are not a menace. The fact that they have been vaccinated and are asymptomatic I understand makes them have such a low viral load it would be difficult if not impossible for them to spread the virus. That is just my layperson understanding though.
  14. Our cruise is for Nov.28 '21. so we miss the 15 day rule. Final payment is due sometime late Sept. At any rate you are safe because if they cancel they owe you a full refund. And as long as you are willing to accept a FCC you will surely be able to decide by 2 weeks before cruising. The only issue would be if they went bankrupt and I don't see how that is possible with them sailing from so many other places.
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