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  1. That is reassuring as I bought that upgrade and it is quite a bit of money if it is no good. Thanks for the feedback. Dennis
  2. Is this worth the money and does it actually work ?
  3. Try watching the Documentary More Than A Word. Redskins is the same to a Native American as the N Word to an African American. I am taking First Nations Studies at University of Western Ontario and consensus there among First Nations students would be 95% against as it is a very racist name. Chiefs and Indians not so much.
  4. Already did. Going on Getaway Dec-13
  5. Won't bother me none as I cancelled my NFL package when the players quit standing for the flags and the powners of KC and Washington elected to keep their racist names.
  6. I have been offered an upgrade to Unlimited Wireless with Streaming for $$$ on the Getaway and was wondering if it was any good. I would hate to pay that much and be disappointed. Has anybody here bit the bullet and tried it? With what results ? Thanks Dennis
  7. We are travelling with another couple and driving to the airport ( 3 hours) if border crossing into US is good. We booked everything together and they are flying out at 9.00 am and my wife and I and 3.00 PM . We paid extra to travel 2 days early but the first day is a write off because by the time we get to the hotel it will be midnight and I am not walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans then. The fights home are the same deal they get to Detroit at 6PM and we land at 10.00PM. Spent 2 hours on hold and then they tell me it is what it is and cannot be changed. I thinking about cancelling the whole cruise and hotels and I booked and go to Florida. I also sail out of Florida and booked my own flights which are cheap. I was enticed with the so called free flights but am pissed at their customer service already and I haven't sailed yet. Never sailed NCL before but have sailed HAL 9 times and Celebrity twice.
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