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  1. A little different than mine on the Glory last week...
  2. I really thought I would like it more than I did. I was really looking forward to it. I didn't not like it but I didn't like it either if that makes sense.
  3. Definitely not every night but I am glad we did it one night on our cruise last week. For us it was worth it.
  4. Glory last week and we had the old menu.
  5. Bone Marrow and Beef Tartare
  6. My wife and I at the Steakhouse on the Glory last week.
  7. I remember the 80s party but do not remember having a White Party. We did the 7 night MoBay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel cruise and the Elegant Nights were Tuesday and Thursday which were nights 3 and 5. - Cruise Director was Dustin Gabriel and he was very good and involved.
  8. I just got off the Glory and loved it. I did not have any kids with me so I can't say to that part but overall it was great.
  9. Taking this trip in 3 weeks - Thanks for sharing.
  10. Question: If you have FTTF and get a check in time of 12-12:30 do you have to show up at that time or can you show up early?
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