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  1. Hello! I am thinking about booking a snorkeling tour with Sailaway and have some questions.. 1. Is Moomba beach a name of a restaurant?? It says check in at Moomba Beach but they are located at Palm Beach? bit confusing here lol. Did you take a taxi there? How long was a ride? 2. We are thinking about doing a morning snorkeling and jus hanging out at the Palm Beach in the afternoon . is there a beach chair and umbrellas available for rent?? 3. can we bring our own snorkel mask? 4. What type of flotation device do they use? We are not experienced swimmers. 5. Any tips you can share?? thanks a lot!!!!
  2. Hello! anyone here done fishing tour with Screaming Reels at Grand Turk? How was it? It looks like they charge you about $600 for half day trip Was it worth it? What if we don’t catch any fishes? Lol that is only concern.. Please share some of your experience with them. Thanks!!!
  3. yeah. Asian cruisers are very different.. I won't be surprised even if Wonder of the Seas has NO pool. πŸ™‚
  4. It looks like there will only be 2 pools on pool deck. not 4 (or 3 + kids area)
  5. We will be at CocoCay on Monday.. will there be any impact??
  6. Is this really a true? This is the best news of the month for me. Was there NO seaweed at all? I know it has been awful with seaweed past few months.. I will be there in 4 weeks.
  7. hello all, We will be on Harmony in 37 days! so excited! I do have some questions regarding AO.. How do staff communicate with us if there is any emergency situation? I hear that they don't give out walkie talkie or phone to parents so I am little bit worried/nervous. Also, Do they charge us fee after 10 PM? if that is the case, do we still need to stop by at 9:55 PM to let them know that our kid is staying after 10 PM? thanks in advance!
  8. Well....LOL good luck on so many level.
  9. wow summer price is indeed skyrocketed. I paid $2500 for September this year and for same itinerary same ship same departure port price is $6500.
  10. Hello! I have a cruise booked for 2020 with refundable deposit since my schedule can be unpredictable. I am ready to buy FTTF but what happens if I cancel my cruise? can I cancel FTTF too and get a refund? thanks!
  11. Where did you end up getting your WOW bands? I thought they set up shop at Boleros?
  12. hi all, I will be sailing on HOTS in two months with my kids 10 and 5 years old. I would like to have some dancing time with kids but there are SO MANY music & dance events on board! of course I know I can't take kids to any nightclub/adults only dance events but which one do you think is the best one for kids to partake? I am bit overwhelmed by all the planning so your help will be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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