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  1. The only ship that I am aware of that has a Soda soda machine is the Breakaway> We forwent the Soda Package and bought our bottled soda ... 16th floor in the Video Arcade Game room. A decent amount of Pepsi products were available. (water also) Note: A) You swipe your card key and you will be billed, which is viewable on your Acct screen. I say this because you may have to swipe more than once for a soda. Be-careful the number of billed sodas should equal the number of billings on your acct. B) If after several swipes no soda is dispensed (check your
  2. Or do I need a new experienced NCL TA.
  3. Thank you for your response. I have two cruises booked individually with 2 diff reservation numbers. I booked these 2 cruises with NCL. All of my cruises (25) have been with an NCL TA employee. I have a new TA at NCL as my old NCL TA is no longer with NCL. I now have two cruises b2b one a BA (the first cruise) the second cruise an I4. It looks as if i may have to cancel the BA, retrieving my 60,000 bonus points and re booking the first cruise. Or do i need to cancel both cruises and start from the beginning.
  4. DOUBLE META UPGRADE FIASCO As stated previously I have a B2B cruise from NYC to Panama and Panama to NYC. Jan 25th and Feb 6th. 2023. I called 1-866-954-4077 on Dec 18th and requested a Double Meta Upgrade for my B2B cruises from an I4 to A BA for 60,000 points. She was very polite and asked for the Res#. I complied and she put me on hold. In a short time she came back on the line and said the transaction was completed. I thanked her and we ended the call. 5 minutes later i received the updated reservation and to my surprise ONLY the first cruise was upgraded. I immed
  5. We booked a 12 day and an 11 day cruise b2b in Jan 2023. A 23day cruise. First leg of the trip is from NYC to Panama Canal and the second leg is from the Panama Canal to NYC. You may find it to your liking
  6. We have a 2022 June Bermuda cruise on the Joy in June. No indication of any changes.
  7. Thank You for the heads up. My Jan 3 cruise out of NYC was canceled also. We used 60K for a Double Meta Upgrade for a combined Latitude 25 day cruise. Saved many thousand dollars upgrading from an I4 to a BA on the Gem. We saw the writing on the wall and on Jul 31 2020 we booked a bak2bak cruise NYC to Panama Canal and Panama Canal to NYC an I4 on the Gem. I will use the 60K to upgrade to a BA.
  8. We have 4 cruises booked after the Covid incident sailing on 2021 and 2023. I compared book prices with the 30% sale. The bottom line is that all 4 cruises were slightly higher with the 30% sale price. Part of the cost rise would occur with the passage of time after initial booking. IMO Booking dates were July and August 2020.
  9. We are booked on a Jan 3rd cruise leaving NYC. Fully paid and have decided that our chances of sailing are Slim to None. So we have booked cruises for Oct 21 and Jan 23 and are planning to apply the credit and FCC to those cruises. As for the governors we seem to a couple winners on our hand (sarcasm).
  10. Lost all hope of sailing on cruise beginning on Jan 03 2021. We will have to wait for our Oct to cruise.
  11. 90 days ------- B2B 11 & 14 day So. CARIBBEAN 377 / 384 days 7 Day Canada & 7 Day Bermuda 842 / 854 days 12 Day NYC to Panama & 11 Day Panama to NYC Cannot wait. Really looking forward to the Panama cruise. This is on our bucket list.
  12. Thanks for your response. I will look into it. In the past I had encountered difficulties when I bought Gift Cards from NCL.
  13. One caveat regarding gift cards. If a company restructures, that is goes into chapter 11 bankruptcy the Gift Cards are non cash able. I am not saying NCL will go into chapter 11 or restructure their debt in the courts. Caveat Emptor.
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