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  1. Hello, My friend and I booked a free cabin on a casino deal (I believe) I got in the mail for the 10/26 sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam and the cabin was listed just as N until eariler this week when they assigned us cabin L5184 cabin on the Veranda deck eariler this week. Has anyone here been given another cabin when arriving for check in on a free or super cheap booking deal? Is the L cabin on Veranda a step up from an N cabin on the the 4th deck? I am completely happy however it turns out since it was basically free but hoping HAL may want to impress my room companion who is new to Holland America(I am not) and wondering if the assigned cabin is set in stone at this point. TIA for any replies! Excited as it's almost time to go!
  2. Hello, Does HAL usually have any kind of Halloween night party or event on Nieuw Amsterdam? We will be sailing on 10/31/19 and am wondering if we should bring even the simplest of costumes to make it more festive. Thanks!
  3. Sorry. I am confused! I think I didn’t understand OBC vs Beverage cards. I was reading that if you purchase a beverage card you are given a reciept showing your remaining balance after each use of the card. That sounds easier to me than trying to keep track and having to check my statement at the end. I thought the OBC and the beverage card would both be actual cards. Just to make sure I have it right now any unused money on a beverage card would be applied to my statement at the end of the cruise just like it would be with OBC right? Again thanks for your replies to help me get this straight!
  4. Hello, Not new to cruising but have never purchased OBC cards before. I am wanting to buy $250 worth of OBC to use on purchasing a few drinks around the ship and to have credit left at the end of my cruise to cover the daily room fee so nothing goes on my credit card. I see HAL offers cards in $5.00 increments so am wondering if the best option to reach $250 is to buy 50 units on the $5.00 card and it will all be on one card as a lump sum? Or would I end up with 50 $5.00 cards? Same goes for the $100 card? If I buy 2 units that = $200 am I going to get 2 cards @ $100 ea or $200 on one card? I want the total amount in just one card just on sure how to purchase since a $250 card isn’t available. Thanks for any replies!
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