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  1. Thank you! I have looked at that on the Carnival website and that’s what made me ask. I was hearing a lot of “the Dream has more to offer” but according to this comparison, I could only find volleyball and waterworks as an extra that Valor doesn’t have. I thought maybe I was missing something! Thanks for the info on the rooms! I’ll check those out!
  2. Thank you! What type of things does the Dream have that the Valor doesn’t? I don’t want to miss anything!
  3. Did you find the pool/pools less packed on the Dream than on the Fantasy? (Side note: we loved our cruise on the Fantasy!) And about the Dream offering more than the Valor...what would those things be exactly? I’ve seen that it has volleyball and Valor just has basketball and Valor doesn’t have Water Works. Is there something else that I’m missing?
  4. Thank you!!!!!!! (especially for not asking why we don’t just put the kids in Kid’s Camp!😁)
  5. Yeah, we won’t be doing the kids camp. We enjoy spending our vacation time together as a family and they just aren’t interested. I will definitely look up Ocean Plaza! And they would definitely enjoy the basketball! Does Valor not have that?🤔
  6. My husband and I are planning a cruise for the two of us and our eight children (will be ages 18,17,13,11,9,5,5,and almost 2) for next May. We have narrowed it down to a five day on either the Dream or the Valor.(same destination) A little info...we won’t be doing kids club. Our older three are boys and are responsible enough to walk around and explore (eat, arcade,etc) together without us for certain amounts of time. We cruised without the kiddos on the Fantasy last month and LOVED the simplicity/size of it. Because it’s so small, walking around with all eight kids would be no issue. But the pool was ALWAYS either too crowded to fit anyone else in or it was closed, so I know they would have been bored during sea days with little to do. Here are my concerns (having never been on either ship myself)... Is the Dream so big that navigating it with five younger children (and some times all eight) in tow will be difficult? Does it’s size make pool/water areas a bit less crowded and easier for young children to play and have fun in the water? Does one have an advantage over the other for families? I’d love any helpful info you can give!
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