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  1. We are going on a Bahamas cruise from Florida in 2022. I saw these pictures of giant red and blue water slides in the distance from a cruise ship as promotional pictures. Where are these slides? Nassau? Or elsewhere? Do you also recommend doing the water slides in the Atlantis resort at Nassau?
  2. I believe we'll in be in San Juan for about 8 hours on our Bahamas cruise. I'm excited to see the rainforest, Old San Juan, the historical buildings, and the Bacardi tour. Is this too much for the one day? What do you recommend seeing for a day?
  3. Follow up: I did get seasick especially on the first day and the following morning. My symptoms were feeling a little drowsy (but not passing out like I had feared) and an upset stomach. I avoided medications per your advice. I ate ginger. It didn't help much. I read somewhere else to eat green apples. Green apples are what helped me! Within a minute of eating the apples, I felt better. After a few minutes of eating, I felt normal! It was amazing!
  4. Follow up: we drove to Long Beach. It would be great to use Amtrak and the Metro Lines for future trips!
  5. On recent travel on boats, I notice I no longer get seasick with an upset stomach or needing to vomit. Instead I fall asleep. For example, I went on the short trip from Long Beach to Catalina by ferry. That trip is 1 hour. I wanted to stay awake, but I fell asleep the second I sat at a table and stayed asleep until we stopped moving. I don't want to sleep through the whole cruise I'm going on! Is there anything I can do besides keep moving or drink lots of caffeine? Thanks!
  6. Thanks again, everyone. Despite hating to drive through the Los Angeles area, we will do it to save time. It would have been $41.50 each way to take the Amtrak and then cheap to take a really long bus ride or a metro ride and a long bus ride to get to Long Beach. Or it would have been $41.50 each way for the train and then $30-$60 or so each way for Uber with no guarantee of cost or getting there quickly due to traffic. I got a voucher for a future Amtrak trip and will be happy to take a ride on the metro another time!
  7. Thanks for the info. Our original plan would have worked quite well to take Amtrak to the Metro lines and then take the blue line to Long Beach but since the blue line is down, it will work out better to just drive to save time. The cost will be similar. (We live in Southern California but we were trying to avoid driving.)
  8. We booked a cruise to Ensenada from Long Beach 6 months ago. At that time, we could take the Amtrak to LA Union Station and then take the Metro Blue line to the Port of Long Beach. I checked this morning and the Metro Blue Line is closed until later in May. We have to get to the port that same day. We have the same issue for returning on Sunday. What other options are there for taking transport to/from Long Beach that are somewhat quick? (In addition to taxis, Uber, or Lyft.) Thank you!
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