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  1. Dining packages on my Aug 17 Joy sailing just went up - I also bought the package before the increase thanks to the OP. And the upcharge for Ocean Blue is gone as well.
  2. Fair enough - I was going by the countdown clock on the NCL vacation page, which says 80 days out.
  3. Anyone have any clue why I wouldn't have gotten an invitation to bid? Today is the 80 day mark for my cruise (Aug 17 on the Joy) and nothing in my inbox. I got a free upgrade to a mini-suite from a balcony a couple of weeks ago because the prices on the mini-suite had dropped to what I'd paid for my balcony. Booked through NCL, not a travel agent, and when my CruiseNext Concierge processed the upgrade, she mentioned the upgrade would give me a better shot for bidding on concierge/haven rooms.
  4. I'm also confused because I'm in a similar situation - past the final payment date on my August cruise where I'll only receive two perks on a balcony instead of four. I called NCL and was told by multiple people that I'd incur the cancellation fee if they rebooked me with the new promo.
  5. Did you save any dailies? Favorite restaurants/dishes?
  6. It would be great if you could report back - I'm on the 8/17 sailing and will also need to use VPN for work.
  7. That's unfortunate - when did they announce the port time would be cut?
  8. Thanks for the insight! A couple of questions: How do you sign up for laser tag, the Galaxy Pavilion, and go-karts - is it at the reservation desk on day 1, or can you do it elsewhere? Also, do you know if two adult riders can sit in one go-kart, or is there some sort of restriction on that (I assume you have to pay per person regardless)?
  9. Anyone know how long this show is? I'm looking to make a dinner reservation at Cagney's after the show. Thanks!
  10. I'm in a similar situation - I assume purchasing the ship wifi and turning roaming off on my cell (Verizon) would do the trick, correct? And in port, I should have regular data access in Alaska because it's US.
  11. This one might depend on where you are on the ship, but info on how well the wifi works would be appreciated! I understand that NCL's wifi has in the past been pretty atrocious, and would love to know if there have been any improvements. Also, photos of the menus at the bars and restaurants 😄
  12. My wife and I will be on this cruise celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Any other LGBTQ folks sailing on this trip?
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